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Re: Got Fuel? I don't

I last ran my 8.2 DD this past May and June when it went for its inspection and then to its new driveway home, I went to start it this week and she turns over but no fire, like it is not getting fuel. It started right up in May and June and it hadn't been run in 8 months prior to that.

Using ether I can get her to fire until the ether is gone. Reading this thread I see that the DD will not self-prime and understand what I need to do. So my best guess is to find and check the check valve and/or fuel line for leaks. It has a block heater and I tried that one day and the engine was plenty hot so the temps are not a factor.

Any other thoughts or suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks.

1988 Chevrolet S6000 8.2L Detroit Diesel
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Diesel fuel

I have started old tractors and trucks that had some 8-10 year old diesel fuel in their tank. Fuel gelling is usually a condition of cold weather. Most diesel selling places put some additives into their fuel when the temps go down. You cannot have too much anti gel additive when it is cold, just costs a bit more.
Near water, diesel fuel can pick up a bug that lives in diesel and is a kind of algee. I think the only way to get rid of this bug is to have some company come and refilter all the fuel. This is a big deal on boats.
Diesel engine injection pumps will not pump air or self prime themselves. If there is a good supply of fuel to the fuel pump, it will make about 8-12,000 psi
at the injectors. The most common reason for a need to reprime an fuel pump, is the supply fuel line gets a rusty hole of the fuel line rots and allows air into the fuel system. Never add gasoline to the diesel fuel for many reasons besides my health.
If ya grind down a couple batteries trying to start an engine, consider the fate of the starter. When battery voltage becomes lower, the amperage skyrockets.
Low batteries kill starters. Frank In Idaho
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Re: Got Fuel? I don't

I've run out of fuel on several types of diesels. There is generally a bleed screw on the pump. We have put an air hose in the tank and sealed it with rags to force the fuel through. If it has a hand pump on the injection pump, there should be a bleed screw. A 6.2 has a bleed screw on the filter housing and the DB2 pump is self bleeding so all you have to do is crank it with the bleed on the pump open to refill the filter, then crank it a little more to clear the injection pump. An electric boost pump was installed in the '90 and later 6.2/6.5 and it's easy to retrofit.

You have to realize how extremely little fuel is actually injected during each event. It takes very little air the muck it up. I never let anything go below 1/4 tank.
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Re: Got Fuel? I don't

I ran out of fuel on my way back from a trade show in Kansas City a few weeks ago. Fortunately didn't run it dry. I guess it was a narrow escape. Reading this post, I think that I will invest in an lift pump and may even replace my fuel lines. I have been stranded a few times, but always been able to limp her home....I want to keep the tow truck owners out of my wallet.

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