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Roll Your Own Build Thread
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Originally Posted by formulagirl View Post
yep I had an r-5 350, RD 200, RD 400, and a RZ 350, you could say i like two strokes too-but a diesel? i work on 8.3 blue birds all day, never have i seen or heard a two stroke diesel, now i am interested....
Buddy of mine imported an RZ500 back when they were new and managed to get it titled as a "manufacturers prototype". Boy was I jealous.

Ever heard of someone putting a 671 or 871 blower on their hot rod? Back in the olden days those were roots type superchargers robbed of of two stroke Detroit diesels. From.... You guessed it.. 671 & 8v71 engines.

Later on other manufacturers produced versions aimed at the hot rod market.

Another interesting note on the DD 2 strokes. No intake valves. They have intake ports like your RD but they do have exhaust valves.
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Well, just for the record, I managed to talk myself off the ledge on this one. I hope it goes to / has found a good new home. On the sale thread, the owner has reduced the asking price, and I can attest that he is a good and reasonable person to deal with.

It was my wife who originally went bats**t over the looks of the thing, and I thought to strike while the iron was hot, so to speak. But, it's not at all what I've spent time thinking about. I want to build an RV to my specs out of a stripped bus, not start piecemeal dismantling/remantling someone else's idea of an RV. Also, the prospect of joining another community, this one devoted to keeping Crowns alive well past manufacturer EOL, did not appeal.

Also, wife put her foot down at a stick shift. She won't even drive my 6 speed Kia Soul, even though she cut her teeth on VW Bugs.

So I'm still looking for that 40' shoebox RE with the 8.3/3060 just like everybody else is. I would encourage others who have been looking for a Crown because it's a Crown to look at that one, though. It's nice.
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Originally Posted by formulagirl View Post
never have i seen or heard a two stroke diesel, now i am interested....
EMD's legendary locomotives all had 2-stroke diesels, and EMD's basic architecture is similar to Detroit's 2-strokes like mine. Fairbanks-Morse's opposed-piston designs were used in locos and submarines for many decades. Foden in England and Nissan UD in Japan also made effective 2-stroke truck diesels. The world's biggest diesels are huge (and I mean several stories high) marine 2-strokes producing over 100,000 SHP at less than 100 RPM, with cylinders big enough to stand inside. Commer in England made their TS3 with 3 cylinders, 6 pistons and one crankshaft (work that one out!), and Napier made the Deltic with 18 cylinders, 36 pistons, 3 crankshafts and not a single valve, a truly unique design - I spent many a happy mile behind Deltic locos hauling 400 tons at 100 MPH, a sound you'll NEVER forget with 72 pistons wailing like a banshee. There were even 2-stroke diesel aircraft engines from Junkers in Germany and others, culminating in the Napier Nomad which was a 2-stroke diesel and gas turbine all in one, and this amazing engine still has the lowest SFC of any aero engine.

So, 2-stroke diesels really aren't that uncommon, even now. Try one - you may like it.

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IMG_1932.jpg hereís my crown Iím doing a conversion on!!!
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