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Originally Posted by pegabus View Post
I have a T444E, yep great motor, starts every time, very reliable. But its down on Hp and pretty gutless on the hills. Pulling long grade tends to overheat due to using every once of power for so long. DT466 more modern, efficient and better power, however plagued with injector failures and EGR cooler clogging. So if you willing to put about $2,000 into the DT466 you will have a better motor, but dam international and there engineering department to go backward with durability.
HUh? First I've heard of this. got any links?
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The basic design of the DT466 far predates the TE444 by decades, it has always been a direct injected turbo charged engine since at least the 70's where the TE444 dates from the early 90'stages. The previous V8, the 7.3 idi was an indirect injected engine and might share the block casting with the TE444
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OK I gotta ask aa dumb question. What's the best way to tell what engine you have for someone who doesn't know engines?

When I got the bus I was told 444e and I just checked then if I had a the manuals. Well i was looking at the manual for something and the engine manual says DT-466E. So I got wrong book or diff engine.

I'm good with either as they both sound like good engines to have just like to know for sure witch one.

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The DT466 is a "straight-6" engine, the DT444 is a V-8 engine. That's the biggest spotting difference. The hood might have which engine is has (but hoods can be changed), so it's not a 100% thing.
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IRRC and not sure but doesn't the DT466e have that on the lower left of the block?
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I just bought a 02 International w/7.3 that ( the district says) was replaced with a new one 2 yrs ago. I had hoped to buy one with actually any DTstraight 6 whether it was a 360, 408, or 466. In our wildest dream we'd get a DT530 or Cummins 8.3 but they're few and expensive. I was lucky I feel to get my shorty 6 window Conv IH with a 7.3 & Allison, since most Automatic IH diesels would be a smaller DT L6. Likewise the V8 7.3's seemingly are mostly combined w/manual trans. from what I've seen. I plan to build a small fleet of buses converted to Flatbds to pull RVs nationwide and definitely plan most to have DT466's, and imagine I'll be buyin a few 545's until finding/replacing them with 643's. Best trucks money can buy for my purpose IMO
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Originally Posted by BogistJoeSr View Post
... I plan to build a small fleet of buses converted to Flatbeds to pull RVs nationwide ...
I'm guessing you already have one, but I see some folks who get a bit ahead of themselves here. If you don't have one already, you'll need to get a CDL. Unless you're pulling the RVs just for your own recreation.
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Started researching motors for my skoolie, most of my use will be in the Rocky's Banff to Southern Colorado. Want a good strong motor for climbing mountains. This will include some dirt road and snow use, winter use will be easily 50%. Not planning on hauling anything but, don't want to rule it out just yet.

From what I have read the DT466E is a little more 'robust' than the t444e. Given my application is that the better motor to shop for?

What is a Caterpillar Comparable motor?

Any input on the accompanying Trans? Basically, I have heard steer clear of 545 and get a lower number on the Allison (1000 is better than 3000 - I think that was what was said).

Also, are repressors an easy after market add? Any budget estimates? Necessary for driving canyons?
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For climbing mountains, you'll definitely want to go with the DT466. LOTS more torque, which is what you need for going uphill. I wouldn't bother with a Cat engine, not so much because they're "bad", as much as parts are more expensive and can only be had from a Cat dealer. Cummins engines are OK, but you'll probably find the (quite common) 5.9 to be woefully underpowered for much mountain running. Look for an 8+ liter Cummins.

"Repressors"? You talking about a retarder?
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DT466 over the T444 any day of the week. Its superior from every standpoint. And no I'm not knocking the T444, its just a downgrade over the 466.
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