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Originally Posted by WARGEAR View Post
you have access to a borescope take a gander inside the cylinders and see how the walls look. Gives you an idea of how long the motor has left before a rebuild is a good idea.
I was going to try this, but the head on my cheap scope is too big to fit through the injector hole.
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While you have the head apart you should pull the oil pan and replace the crank bearings(main bearings) $200. It's a 5 beer job too, but will basically put you with a new motor provided the pistons and sleeves are in good shape.
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Depends on the beer.
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Here is a trick I learned years ago. This would apply to any engine like this. Remove the rearmost injector first. This lets all the oil and fuel go into that cylinder. Before you install that injector, get your handy dandy vacuum pump and suck out all the fluid. Make sure you get into the combustion bowl. After full reassembly, roll the engine over by hand a few times or bump the starter over a few. It would be wise to unplug the ecm. Once you sure there is no hydrolock, hook it all up and crank away. Be prepared for lots of smoke at first.
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i came in late here to this party..

1. Injector O-rings should be replaced if you pulled the injectors.. i consider them one-use parts.. esp if they have been installed for years.. rubber O-rings conform to the shape of the space they are occupying.. the chances that an O-ring is rotated slightly on injector removal is high.. as is the likeliehood one is ever so slightly damaged when being removed.. esp older rings that have been heated and cooled a bunch..

I would consider re-using them if you simply Bummed an injector install and needed to pull it soon afyer ot has been installed..

you are dealing with 3000 PSI on the HPOP side..

secondly, you need the oil to be out of the cylinders.. fuel will likely run by the ring-gap and into the pan but oil will stay and will ruin things quickly..

the HPOP is mechanical. and even at minimum the IPR will command flow.. so cranking the engine by starter will pump oil into the cylinders with the injectors out. a couple turns may be OK but you may see oil flowing right back in if the drain plug hasnt been removed..

putting the injectors in and rotating the engine by hand 4 turns (yes you will be tired and tempted to use the starter but dont). is a good rule i have used for clearing cylinders...

rotating by hand allows you to "feel" the hydrolock.. it also allows oil in the cylinders to be under pressure. and squeeze by the ring gap and on the exhaust stroke into the manifold.

Change the oil !!!! whether you pull the pan and change the bearings or not is up to you.. I tend not to touch bearings unless im either doing a full rebuild /inframe or have signs that my bearings are heavily worn.. (low hot oil pressure, noise)..

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