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I run all muy software in virtual machines and typically off-line mode.. I do run NavKal in online mode as it gives me firmware updates for ECMs. and the ability to use later-model firmware on my ECMs if i choose to..

I'll look and see if I can snare some Cat MD software..

ECCB - a virtual machione is like a computer inside a computer.. so you click an icon like its a program and it opens up a whole other version of windows in a window on your desktop... its advantage is that you can save a copy of a virtual machione on a USB stick like its a program.. if you get a virus on the VM, you delete it and load the saved version.. plus you can keep that VM from "talking" to the internet so it is immune from internet viruses..

in the case of diesel engine software, some of it tries to "phone home" and will disable itself.. however many programs have an "offline mode" that allows them to run fine.. assuming that the service tech might be in the field where internet is not available.. by telling your VM not to talk to the internet, this software will run thinking theres no internet and wont auto-disable... some of it has time limits where it only runs 30 or 60 days from the first time it was used.. again with the VM concept, once it "dies" you load the saved copy of your VM from the USB stick and bang you get a new "lease on life" for that software...
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Is this the ABS controller?IMG_3965.jpgIMG_3966.jpg
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Bus Geek
Join Date: May 2009
Location: Columbus Ohio
Posts: 11,476
Year: 1991
Coachwork: Carpenter
Chassis: International 3800
Engine: DTA360 / MT643
Rated Cap: 7 Row Handicap
kind of looks like it.. im not familiar enough with air ABS to know much about them... MOST ABS light issues are related to wheel speed sensors.. some of the controllers have a way of reading out their codes.. the nicer ones actually show up on the J1708 / J1939 data bus and show their codes in an engine diag scan tool..
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Originally Posted by Rogue1bus View Post
Is this the ABS controller?Attachment 28731Attachment 28732
No, that looks like the treadle valve which is what the brake pedal actuates. Where is that in relation to the bus?

The control module location will depend on the year of the bus. On older front engined bluebirds they were located in front of the rear axle above the driveshaft. I've never worked on an amtran or an RE so I couldn't tell you on those. Maybe cowlitz would know.
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What brand interface do you have and how much did you pay for it. I plan on being nomad in a couple of years and having diagnostic capabilities could save a lot of money and frustration somewhere down the road. Would I be able to turn on the 6th gear in my Allison MD3060?

TIA, Bob
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Originally Posted by brokedown View Post
Probably all old versions but shouldn't matter much for skoolie folks. More concerned about virus checking them, I'd run in a virtual machine for sure.
Right on both accounts. I had one of those kits a couple years ago. I kinda anticipated when I bought it that it was going to be cracked software etc, and when it arrived, that's exactly what it was. I ended up sending it back.

If a virtual machine is out of reach then use a dedicated laptop. Buy something cheap enough to throw away, don't connect it to any networks, and don't use it for anything else. If you think the spying/tracking done by Facebook and ad networks is bad, the key loggers, data collection, and other mischief that comes along with that cracked software will astound. You can't expect to just uninstall it when you're done.
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