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Re: Restarting a DT466 after sitting for over two years

Originally Posted by opus
I've never seen a DT with either, either....
I guess the newer ones have intake heaters, but not sure.
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Re: Restarting a DT466 after sitting for over two years

Having been a diesel mechanic for most of my career working on boats there are a couple things you do need to check. First the oil level. One to make sure you have oil in it (it hasn't drained out from a leaky oil pan plug over time and the other is to make sure you haven't had a water leak into the oil pan in case of a frozen and busted block (in case someone didn't have antifreeze in it when parked). Checking the coolant level will also give an indication. While it's highly unlikely a diesel engine will have rust issues in just 2 years, if after replacing the batteries it doesn't turn over normally you might want to look into why before burning up a starter. I personally would put on a new fuel filter and purge the fuel system to not only ensure clean fuel getting to the injection pump and injectors but also to pressurize the fuel lines to check for leaks that may have formed due to dry cracked fuel lines. I found out about this the hard way. As far as glow plugs on a DT, there aren't any. I would use starting fluid right away conservatively to help save your starter. Once you get it running and moved to a location that you can change the oil and filters. No sense having old oil hanging around unless it was changed when putting away for storage (which usually doesn't happen). Don't forget about your air filter and crankcase vents and trans vents. Mud dobbers love places like that. Hope this helps,
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Re: Restarting a DT466 after sitting for over two years

Yes it's due a C service anyway, hasn't had one in the time I've had it (but has only been driven 1000 miles or so in all that time). Thanks for the advice.
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Re: Restarting a DT466 after sitting for over two years

Nice to see other running similar buses.
My 92 Senator was recently picked up in Kentucky. It was around 15 degrees that morning. The bus had been sitting for months and hadn't been run much in a few years.
Put new battery in to replace a really bad one, and it fired up first try like it was fully warmed up and had never sat. This was after a quick check of the fluids and tires.
This is the easiest starting diesel I've ever owned or operated. I'm jazzed.
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Re: Restarting a DT466 after sitting for over two years

Originally Posted by AlleyCat67
Hello, I have a question....

My bus has a DT466 and has been sitting idle for the last two years... reason being that the last time I tried to start it the batteries were bad. I will be trying to get it restarted in the next week or so after two years of sitting. I know I will have to have two new batteries, but is there anything else that I need to do or have done to get it running again?

(By the way I used to be a member here a while back but apparently my registration got deleted or some such so I had to reregister.)
If the tank was not full then you might have some condensed water in the fuel tank. I put in some additive to dissolve any water before running the engine.
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I had a dt and its computer melted on me. My crane was half way put away with the outriggers stuck out still. The oil field consultant wanted it out of there but we couldn't move it like that. So I took a couple cans of ether and sprayed it into the intake...went through 3 cans putting the crane away....engine was doin 1100 rpm...perfect for the pto. Anyways...after they replaced the computer it ran fine. What your suppose to do is give it a quick short blast into the intake. Dont do a ton or you can blow things up. Dont let anyone stand near it cause it can shoot white hot fireballs out of the intake. Good luck with your startup man
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