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Theres an old saying that goes,, "Speed cost money how fast do you want to go"
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Originally Posted by jake_blue View Post
1mpg! LOL

Of course the capability to do 85 and the routine habit of doing 85 are two very different things. Besides as mentioned above about the ability to stop a large vehicle traveling 85mph is the handling and comfort at that speed. For one thing, these buses are not in the furthest stretch of the imagination aerodynamically designed and the wind resistance at that speed is formidable. There's also cross wind which high profile vehicles are very susceptible... You haven't had a real come-to-jesus moment until you've been driving a large vehicle and encounter unexpected cross wind. If you're not being vigilant and just driving like many drive a car (10% attention) you'll end up rolled over in a ditch or worse. Plus the buffeting makes for a less than quiet and comfortable ride. Besides all of that, fuel economy does drop about an estimated 10% for every 5mph over 55 anyways so running that speed and rpm is probably not going to be the routine even if it is nice to know it's possible.

Come to Jesus moment; to this day (almost two months later) i still have a stomache drop when i think about the ride home when at about 50mph on a tight two lane road, i nearly went into the ditch. Oh goodness that wouldn't have been pretty. I am comfortable at 55. I know i can stop, react, and the great thing about a bus is drivers dont try and bully me out of the way lol.
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63 is good with me. from what i read diesels have an rpm sweet spot. a front tire blowout would be disasterous at high speeds, enjoy the drive and be good to your drive train.
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hwy MPG

Hello, to you all....

Been a while.

So I have a 1997 Thomas 8.3 Cummins Allison 6 speed 6th is still locked.

I did 2 Trips in it of 350-450 miles last summer got an average of 11.5 mpg...

Pulling the Oregon Passes From Willamette Valley over to the East, it would only do 15-25 mph up the grades in 2-3rd gears.

We tweaked the Rail on the P-Pump after the last trip....I just did 1400 miles over to East Idaho and Back to recover a Car and Trailer....( different story there )

Bus hit the Passes and Never came down below 45 mph....I was Passing Semi's....
Also Stayed in 5th till near 45 mph, then dropped to 4th....Heat was Good, all things looked good

BUT it only got 6.5 mpg loaded or

I was trying to average 60-65 mph the entire trip and it was running at 22-2500 rpm....

Curious as to what you guys are Running for averages...?

My dodge Truck with 5.9 24v cummins runs 72-77mph at 1900 rpm based on load and Climb on the hwy....

Does this 8.3 Rev limit out..? if so at what RPMs...? range
and What is the Happy range for Fuel economy , power, torque...?

Thanks Guys
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