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We had quick start bottles with a T Handle and you were not to pull it for more than 3 seconds and you could hardly get it in and out without WAYY too much either. Clattered like hell and almost never would you let it start right off. BE very careful with that starting fluid.
Former owner of a 1969 F600 Skoolie.

1998 Ford B700 Thomas body 65 passenger. 5.9 Cummins 12 valve with MT645 Ttanny 123,000 miles.
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True Problem found $$$

Well, hope gave way to reality today. I endeavored at every nuance of this possible problem trying to avoid the real money but, after the Bus wouldn't start again and facing the prospect of using starter fluid regularly I bit the bullet and had a Mechanic I've used before come out and have a look. Two minutes in he cracked an injector as the bus was running (starter fluid in again) and immediately saw the pressure of fuel was way too low coming out. It was kind of streaming when it should of been spraying out the seam at extremely high pressure. Let that be a note to any one else going through this as unfamiliar as me. The high pressure fuel injector pump is kaput. Probably the fuel lift pump will be replaced too. 4 days and probably $2900. Almost half the price of the bus.

Real bummer. I'm going ahead with it as I've already invested so much time on the interior and the solar, etc. Also because the rest of the bus is in great shape . I can only hope that this being the most expensive part of that Cummins that she runs 100,000 more miles like a sewing machine. Also hoping for slight improvement in fuel economy considering the HP pump was being incredibly inadequate and sloppy.

A note on the starter fluid to any interested: On the Cummins 5.9 there aren't any glow plugs, just an air intake (grid) heater element. This is a concern because some have seen it cause an explosion with the incredibly volatile starter fluid. Pretty serious stuff.

My Secenario:

The ignition was on for about 15 sec letting the system checks go through and the Grid Heater turn off. I, leaving the air filter in, opened up the air filter canister and gave two .5-1 sec bursts about 6 inches out. Walked around quickly to the helm and cranked. Took about 10-15 sec for the little amount to cycle through and catch in a very gradual sequence. I feel fully confident in this little bit coming through the filter being safe and an incredible help. Wasn't violent nor did the engine rev up hardly at all. Even better if you have a comrade who can squirt as you crank. It allowed me to drive the rig easily to the shop saving another $500-600 in towing fees.

I almost decided to put it into storage until I bought land to park it on and buy a whole new Skoolie as investing half the cost of the entire bus itself seems silly but, I think with her new pumps and filters she will be unstoppable! I hope. So expensive. Really attached now.
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Also this is my experience and comfort, you sure as hell use explosive spays at your own risk ha.
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Injection Pump

Just coming into week two of living at the mechanic's yard in NM. New injection pump ordered, installed, incredibly expensive. Took it out for a night as a test run, wouldn't start in the morning. Had to use starter fluid again. Drove it back to shop. Replaced line from filter to injection pump, replaced bleeder valve on filter housing as it seemed to be leaking. Nothing. Removed new pump, bench tested, no good. Another new pump installed Tuesday hopefully. Really frustrating days although I've used it to build out the inside a lot in the yard. Wouldn't feel too down about it except it appears the pump I received is $1,000 less than what I was billed. Will be finding out tomorrow. Not going to be happy if that is the case.
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Two pumps later and the solution came about through trial and error. I don't believe the pump was ever an issue. Cut a wire running from the ECM to the fuel pump that was hot, telling the pump to kill itself. I must have fried the computer a bit when I arced the batteries taking them out. A free fix arrived at after many many bucks spent. Fires right up. Oh well, it runs now. And I have a brand new High Pressure Pump and Lift Pump and Fuel Filter bleeder valve and hose from fuel filter to HP Pump and O rings on the Fuel Filter and 2 beautiful giant starter batteries and a lot of conversion work finished in the yard while investigating this whole deal. Call it a win. Also putting in a new Oil Pressure sensor tomorrow. Cheers, hope this helps someone in the future trouble shoot. Find that 12v hot wire going from the ECM to HP Pump and check to see if it has power, if so the ECM is telling the pump to shut down.
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5.9, 5.9l, cummins, not starting, won't start

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