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Loss of power on hills 1997 5.9

Hi folks I would like to see if I get an answer to my question I'm losing power going up hills in my 97 blue bird with a Dodge 5.9 Cummins I don't think the air filters that dirty do I do a compression test is there any other trouble shooting methods you can recommend thank you
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Any smoke? Have you changed fuel filters?
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Fuel pump or filters. My 5.9 lost power ended up being a clogged fuel line .
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There is nothing "Dodge" about a Cummins in a bus.

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I understand that lol it was a typo from my brain hahaha I was on a different thread in a completely different forum on a whole different page (dodge) just before I remembered skoolie
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Hey so I guess you pulled the fuel line from behind the filter or it was the filter itself that was clogged is my guess and you replaced it and now its taking the hills like a champ? Can I ask you have you been able to find a repair manual ?
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you don't need a manual to check the lines and filters, which is definitely where your problem is. follow the lines from the tank--you should have 2 filters for diesel. one will be on the engine, mounted near the injection pump and the other will be under the bus mounted on the frame rail most likely and it is the filter/water separator.

id start by replacing both, then see where that gets you. it's the cheapest and easiest thing to do. every diesel owner should know how to replace their fuel filters. our engines are very sensitive to their condition and you describe a tell-tale sign of a clogged filter.
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Thank you for your quick response ! I've never owned a diesel not to mention a 36 foot bus so I have a lot to learn to say the least. I'm looking into diesel mechanics classes at community colleges here in CA. And or.
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If no smoke then it's probably the filters. You could verify it by checking fuel pressure at the injection pump but filters are cheap and they probably should be changed anyways.

You don't need diesel mechanics classes to work on the bus. They'll go into more detail about stuff that you don't need to know and would be a waste for you IMO. Any question you have should be answered somewhere on the net, and people here can help you with any ones you can't figure out.
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Diesel engines tend to be make/model specific when it comes to maintenance. If you can "buddy-up" (or pay) someone who knows your motor inside & out to go over it with you, you'll be way ahead of the game. I have a friend who was a diesel tech for 20+ years, but only on Detroits. He couldn't tell me squat about Cummins beyond basic diesel theory which is all you'll get in most classes.
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