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Originally Posted by Timelord View Post
If you are spending money to get Amsoil, by far the best oil, you might as well go for one of these: Spinner IIģ Products : High-efficiency lube oil filtration for heavy-duty diesel engines.

I have a Dieselcraft OC-25 which is a similar thing, but Dieselcraft doesn't seem to like to sell them anymore? Not sure what is going on with them. Either way, the amount of soot it removes from diesel oil is impressive in my experience.

On the other hand, be warned that if you have 'tired seals' on a bus, Amsoil will clean every bit of nasty out of every crack on them. I had a /very/ worn engine that I thought I would use Amsoil on. Oh it cleaned everything up real nice... and then it burned oil like crazy from then on.

This should have been expected, but I wasn't thinking when I did it. Ah well. Amsoil is what I plan on using as well with regular oil tests and the centrifugal bypass oil filter taking care of the little particulates.

A centrifugal filtering is by far the best any one will ever get. I've seen studies by Mercedes on European fleet trucks that use this and they have never had a oil change. they just install a booster additive pack of what ever is put in the oil to start with? I also saw a fleet I think it was CAT doing the same and they were dripping a small amount of oil all the time into the fuel system to add extra lube to the fuel system. This way they kept the additive package up on the oil by simply adding oil to the engine as it was used. I had one on a old motor cycle. just open it up wipe it out with a rag and close it up. Nothing was ever in that oil. I may just have to find one for my rig, i haven't thought about a spinner filter for years.
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Rotella T 15-40, or Delo400. 3-4 Gallons I believe (depends on your oil pan). When I run Delo, I do not need to top it off as often, and it seems to drip slightly less; and this seems to be true in all the diesel vehicles I own.
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The Amsoil bypass filters are alright, but the centrifugal filters will get smaller particles. You can even buy liners to make emptying them much easier. You might can tell I'm a believer in them.

On the super tired engine that was needing new seals anyways, this is what I cleaned out of my filter after a 2,500 mile road trip:

That was solid soot, scraped out of my centrifuge. It had actually filled to capacity. This was after the first use of Amsoil cleaning out everything.
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Ages ago when I worked on a farm, we had a Belarus tractor with a centrifugal oil filter on it. We never changed the oil, we only kept it topped off, and cleaned out the filter periodically. The oil always looked clean, and I can't even remember if oil changes were even recommended. Being a "Russian" designed tractor, we believed it was designed this way for minimal maintenance, and ease of maintenance in the field - literally.
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