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Healthy eating while on the road

I wanted to start a thread about eating healthy during your travels. I find myself struggling to not eat crap while on the road. Sometimes the trips are 300-500 miles but most of the trips are 100-150 miles. It is too easy to just pop off the freeway and pull into a fast food joint and grab something quick. This is a bad habit that must stop or I will pay dearly. I am finding it difficult to do better in my food choices. The temps sometimes climb to over 100* so I am worried about preparing food in advance and having it spoil. Some trips are multiple days. I am hoping to be able to use Texas(my short bus) for some of the trips. This would allow me to do some cooking. Until then, I am using my Excursion. Any tips or secrets you would like to share would be appreciated by me and probably other members.
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I take a cooler. I'm an organic vegan raw-fooder so the only place for me to get food on the road is in the produce section of a decent market. But I can usually drive about three days straight on a couple bags of carrots and apples.
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raw vegan not for me, I prefer my food to have had parents. My bus has a full kitchen so there's reason for spoiled food. We do have a 12volt cooler that use plugs into power port and works great, just like a reg fridge. It would be ideal for you to get one of these.
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Originally Posted by gbstewart View Post
raw vegan not for me, I prefer my food to have had parents.
Like my brother-in-law says, "salad is the food real food eats."
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Try making up salads & sandwiches ahead of time. With salads I suggest keeping the dressing & salad separate until right before eating. This will help with keeping your ingredients crispy.

With sandwiches, same thing keep it all separate. Put meat in 1 bag, bread in another and whatever else you want to add in yet another bag. Put your mayo or mustard on your bread add your meat & whatever else right before eating and enjoy.

Of course, a cooler is required or you can get inventive with anything and a frozen water jug or two.

As for hot food. Your engine usually has a place or two that can accommodate a piece of foil with food inside. I think you can even buy engine ready containers to cook in.
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I cook for my kids 3 meals/day. Yes, I'm definitely getting an oversize freezer chest to turn down into a fridge. but my conversion is just beginning. Meanwhile I use a cooler to get from point A to point B. Eat what you want, but do some research if you're going for health. Our taste has been conditioned by commercials for generations and it takes some retraining to break the addictions that will always be profitable for the hucksters to instill.
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For me, preparing in advance is key. When I'm on a trip I just don't want to spend time preparing something. When I finally stop because I'm hungry, I want to eat right now! If I don't already have something that's ready quick, then I'll end up hunting for something just as you do. Sandwiches are great if that's your thing. Depending on the type of bread and filling, I find I can usually build the whole sandwich in advance minus any dressing/sauce (miracle whip?) and cheese, which usually turns mushy quickly. Those I pack separately and they're easy to add when it's eatin' time.

At home we've started making more freezer meals. Granted we're feeding a family... we'll make 3 or 4 meatloaves, casseroles, pot pies, etc in large "disposable" foil pans, then have one for dinner and freeze and vacuum pack the others for later. Maybe this could work for you if they were packed and frozen in single-serving sizes. Even rice-with-warm-stuff-on-top type dishes could be done.. maybe freeze the rice and the topping separately, and keep 'em that way or pack them together after they're at least partly frozen. Maybe you can use a gas station microwave or carry one of those small and cheap 700-900 watt microwaves with you. The frozen meals could help keep your refrigerated stuff cold in the same cooler! Eat the refrigerated first, and a day (or few?) into the trip the frozen stuff would be thawed and ready to warm.
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I have to live like this due to Celiac Sprue. When I picked up my bus, I hadn't planned for enough food and I ate almost nothing the last day of the voyage.
Having to carefully plan sucks but I've gotten used to it over the years.
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I never heard of that before. Wow, that sounds rough. I've got some weird occasionally incapacitating ailments going on since adolescence that I've managed to keep under control in varying degrees by seeking out certain types of environments. It's one of the main reasons that the only real way I'm comfortable is by living a nomadic life. Easy to do with just a duffle bag and thumbing it when all alone, but impossible that way when there are children who depend on you. So a bus has always been my "Noah's Ark" to ride out bouts of ill-health and take me where I can recover. Along the way, I've found that diet is at least half the battle. I can only hope that you have good luck and success overcoming yours.
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I drove cross country for 20 years. I got so I really hated truck stop food, both the cost and the taste. Started out with just a cooler, then 12v cooler. For your Expedition that would be the way to go, they have come a long way in 20 years. For the last 10 or so I had a two door fridge. I tried all kinds of things. There was that one trip to LA on spicy beef jerky, cheese puffs and diet Pepsi, but that one ended in a three day stay in an LA hospital. Sometimes, you know some things just taste good together.
If you want something hot, the little butane hot plate works well. And doesn't take long. I know for a fact you can cook up a nice stir fry, eat,clean up and walk two dogs in 15 minutes.
Mostly for the last few years I just heated up frozen stuff in the microwave for meals.
What family wagon said about vacuum packaging works I did that for a while, but found I was too busy on the rare days at home to do the prep work.
I like raw veggies and would occasionally take them along, but I REALLY like them with peanut butter, which kind of defeats the purpose. When I had a fridge, the night before I left we would go to Chinese buffet, eat the buffet and order three meals to go. That would usually make 6 or more meals with some rice left over. I would use the last of the rice by adding it to a can of chicken noodle soup.
With a little planning, you really don't have to eat much different than you do at home.

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