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I moved my two indoor/outdoor kitties into Cat Bus (a 2005 Ford shortie) and recent took in a super mellow rescue dog. But they all get restless. If I am in one spot for sometime I let the kitties outside to roam but not to far if I can help it. It's a constant battle with them to keep them in the bus, if I don't let everyone out for a bit they get extremely sad and moody and at times it feels like they try to make me feel shitty for couping them up.
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Does anyone leave notes on their bus if they are out and about without the pets? We are concerned about someone calling animal control while the hairy kids are at home and we are out to dinner or somewhere else.
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Yes, I've done that, but I'm subtle about it in that it can backfire. Most people don't notice my little dog in the bus, so I don't want to call attention to the fact that he's in there with a big sign.
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Which among these bark collar would you guys use to get rid of the excessive barking behavior of your dog?
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Originally Posted by 1claire View Post
Which among these bark collar would you guys use to get rid of the excessive barking behavior of your dog?
I have a kennel of about 40 sleddogs - we also board dogs, and provide behavior therapy for dogs that have problem behaviors like aggression, separation anxiety, fear issues, etc, etc - my sleddogs are trained so I can lift my hand in the air to get their intention, then say 'quiet' in a voice not a lot louder than conversational, and all but the young ones that haven't caught on yet, the kennel is instantly quiet - very seldom do the boarders or dogs here for therapy do much unprovoked barking after they have been here for a couple of days - for most of the day, if we aren't getting ready to run teams or take the other dogs out for their exercise, you'd never know there were 70 - 80 dogs here because they aren't barking and I've never resorted to a bark collar - the 'heaviest' I've resorted to is to hold a muzzle while repeating the word 'quiet' until the dog relaxes, then as the dog relaxes, I loosen my hold on it's muzzle - once it is fully relaxed, I give it a few pets and tell it, 'good dog' - it might take 2 or 3 repetitions, and you have to be prepared to get out of bed at 3:am to reinforce the command if the dog is barking and not responding to your command, but once learned, it's good for the life of the dog - show no frustration on your part, ever, just consistency and fairness - stay calm and keep your heart rate low
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But you can't take ferrets into California, so if you are planning a nation-wide tour, you have to skip a state.
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I had a farm dog that wasn't right in the head. Honestly she was a basket case, her spine and back legs were screwed up from being hit by a car as a puppy. Picked her up from animal control, they weren't even going to put her out for adoption, we just happened to be there when she came in. She could get around well enough and liked to play with there either dogs as best as she was able. She wasn't aggressive or anything but she liked to bark for no reason at night. We ended up putting a bark collar on her before bed, she learned right away what the deal was and after a week or so we didn't even have to turn it on. As nutty as she was, sheet one the collar meant quiet time. She lived to be about 18 years old.
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