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Join Date: Feb 2005
Location: Salt Lake City, UT
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Year: 1989
Coachwork: Wayne
Chassis: Ford
Engine: 370
Rated Cap: 44
I am a graphic designer and web developer. Just out of college at the University of Toledo. I originally wanted a skoolie to trip to random ski resorts to snowboard, but the project is turning into much more, camping, nascar, etc. I love it!

PS. Im open to contract design jobs...
'89 Ford 370-2V Wayne - Sold :(

Plotting the next project now. Looking for a clean diesel pusher with low rust/miles. Identical plans with plumming and biodiesel added :)
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Bus Nut
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Location: Idaho
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I used to be in the IT business until my health went south. Now I stay at home with the little one and my wife works.
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Location: Central Oklahoma
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I'm multi-vocational. For my day job, I'm the Director of Communications for an agriculture promotion organizations. For my part-time job, I'm the Youth Pastor at my church. For fun, I own an on-location photography company, specializing in family and senior portraits.

And the best job of all, I'm the father of a wonderful 20 month old son and a husband of five years.
Learning by experience isn't always the most fun, but it's effective.
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Bus Nut
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Year: 1985
Coachwork: ThomasBuilt
Chassis: International Harvester S-1700
Engine: 9L IHC V-8 Diesel 180HP
Rated Cap: 60
You're the father of a husband of 5 years?
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New Member
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Location: vermont (generally)
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heehee I really feel for you guys.
I'm 20 and I've found I'd rather not be employed at all. I've found that sleeping in a tent in the woods is better than sleeping on the sidewalk behind the 7-11. that sleeping in a beater subaru/'90 pontiac wagon/89 ranger/90 plymouth grand voyager w/a homemade raised roof camper top/1989 dodge caravan (never ran)/87 volvo/1970 ford window van/87 subaru rally car(never ran)/1993 dodge dakota is better than sleeping in a tent when it's 40degress/raining etc

and now, I assume sleeping in a solar/wvo powered, boondocking capable, 91 65pass. skoolie is just going to kick ass!

here's how to do it: if you're sleeping on the sidewalk anyway, you might as well get a job at your local mill/industrial complex. i managed to get hired at a lumber mill in VT and by continuing to cut my expenditure to 0, (dumpster diving, collecting soda cans outta the trash cans at work, sleeping in a tent and then a cheap rental (unheated, basement w/out plumbing!) I only made 10 bucks an hour (while I only have a high school diploma, I've dropped out of a couple of pretty good 4yr universities) but after 3 months of working 55 hr weeks beside my loving wife. we saved a handsome 15k+ sum. it also helps that we are expecting a roughly equivalent sum of inheritance this summer (the lesson there is take advantage any kickdowns, gifts, luck, and providance that comes your way- INVEST WISELY!).

as a couple we have priorities, physical and mental toughness and developing understanding of how to get by in this crazy time and place.

I just love that I can manage to kick back and enjoy the simple pleasures of life (family, nature, food, recreational "activity", good music and books, sleep ...) 24/7/365 while being minimally accountable to any authority or corporate beauracy(sp?) .... sh*t I can live perfectly well w/out that "buzzer" setting on the alarm clock @ 5inthemorning.

not that any of you middle aged computer programmers with kids and a morgage are paying attention anyway.

self reliance is more than a virtue, it's a necessity.
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Location: Plymouth MA
Posts: 188
Handyman/timberframer/mechanic/motorcycle mechanic/hardware sales, you name it, short of killing animals I've done it.

Timber framing is my favorite work, doesn't pay as well but the most satisfying.
Handyman work here in the Boston area brings in $45/hour, so I don't have to kill myself to make a living. I rent, but plan on living full time in a skoolie once I
A) find the bus to convert, and
B) find a place to park it, year-round.
This will allow me ample time/energy to find a piece of land to build on.
Yes, I'm stockpiling materials/appliances to make the build-in faster once I have the skoolie of my wettest dreams.
No, don't have the bus yet.

Babylon, be nice, I've been there, lived in a 1977 F150 two years, and a 1965 Fairlane two years (this includes winters, brrr). Many here have the mortgage, don't knock it. I don't own a house, but that's a choice I made after being divorced. Spent my life savings on that, lost it, never again! Next place I buy is all mine, alone.
Just means meaningless sexual relationships and lots of friends for me
The tool storage is nice, but where do I put the bed?
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I am 32 and now live full time in my bus with hubby,dog and four birds.I used to be an avian wildlife rehabilitator (if you can call that a profession, I lived and ran the center off donations).

Now I make a living making and selling fantasy art sculptures made from wool.I also am a spinner and weaver as well as a natural dyer.

My hubby makes music and sells his c.d's (he used to be an audio engineer).

When all this doesnt work out we go and petition on various state initiatives or find odd jobs around towns.

Truth be told,I have never really had a regular 9-5 job in my life,but almost always have made things and sold them. I have been living on the outskirts of society since I left home at 18,hithiking around the coutry and living in a tipi for eight years in the Oregon wilderness.

Prior to 18 I only had one job at a pet store for a few months.

I have too much of an independant,wandering type spirit for this world.I used to think (almost wish)it would wear off,but at 32,it seems now I am just getting started.......Pixie
Enchanted Gypsy ~ Travel Diaries
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Posts: 245
Artist/Philosopher/Bus Converter /Mad scientist …o yeah , I work as a clerk-manager at our local Radio Shack too.

Yup….there’s nothing wrong with having mortgages, owing money or whatever.
Millie & I paid our ‘dues’ for MANY years in the lets Hitch Hike around the country owning nothing more than we could carry on our backs club.
It was cool & fun and we look back at that stage of our life with mostly fond memories….but , I have to admit I’m happier now .
Even though , like most Americans …I owe a substantial amount of cash and all that , I do feel that’s one of the prices you pay for having nice things.
Babylon… my ‘Idea’ of what a nice thing is will of course be different than some one else’s ….but that doesn’t mean it’s any less valid.
Are you questioning my Aaa-thoritttyy ?
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Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Everywhere and Nowhere
Posts: 39
You are so right, there is absolutely nothing wrong with working a 9-5 job and all that....and I hope you didn't think I was insinuating that there was.I have nothing but admiration and respect for people who have the discipline to endure that type of monotony (unless you are fortunate enough to do something you really love).

I WISH I was the kind of person who could tolerate that lifestyle,life would be so much easier...I could just get a job,raise a few kids, and be done with it,but my heart is just not in it and I cant stand the idea of working some place,and living a life style I hate . Instead I have to make life difficult by being an "artist". Sigh.....

I gave it a try after living in the tipi for 8 years,..moved to L.A,.went to school, got a job as a vet tech (the only real job I ever had)...and I was miserable, REALLY miserable...

I then realized,once and for all that lifestyle was just not for me.....

Maybe as I age that will change,but I doubt it. For me I think the answer is to just buy some land,live off the grid and kick back,...maybe raise some wool sheep or something.....

BTW ~ Before I get someone screaming about me being " a liberal,commie,leech on society" I want to say that,I DO pay my taxes.

~ Pixie
Enchanted Gypsy ~ Travel Diaries
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Bus Geek
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Location: near flint michigan
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I'm not one of those people that is happy working 9-5 five days per week either. I've tried it, and it did not bring me great joy.

I love the job i have now. NOt only do i love what i do, I make good money doing it, and i only work 2 days per week, 24 hour shifts, and i get a lot of time off to travel or whatever. (17 days in a row, twice per year)

Who could ask for more?
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes (who will watch the watchmen?)
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