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Originally Posted by HealthyPetsBus View Post
Well folks.... Much to my chagrin, I found that the batteries are ok. The rear emergency door was not closed!!!😳

However, one of the two Waynes does indeed have dead batteries. I found this out by trying to steal it's batteries to start the Thomas. Ugh. At least I was able to move the Thomas out of the warehouse and move the RV out to make room to bring the Wayne in for painting. I will be playing battery switcheroo to bring in the dead bus to paint. Called around and two batteries are $700 or I can buy a charger for $100.
$700 for a pair of batteries sounds *WAY* too expensive. I bought four group 31 batteries for about half that (like $80 each), and they were middle-of-the-road choice for the place I bought 'em.
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you batteries may not be destroyed.. they may just have been run down... if you have a couple busses that sit outdoors.. think about a solar trickle charger... it will put enough charge into a parked bus to keep its batteries from going dead...

on my old carpenter.. it was ordered wit ha factory main disconnect option... which is just a massive 300 amp capable switch that turns off the wires coming from the batteries when i turn it to off.. its completely mechanical and would be super simple to install one on your dashboard..

sometimes your own alternator can be a culprit of dead batteries. over the years people repairing busses wire and rewire and often mis-wire stuff.. or diodes go "semi-bad" in alternators so the alternator can be a source of battery drain...

a main cut off switch rectifies that situation as the batteries are completely disconnected from everything..

a solar trickle charger is an easier solution... and it doesnt take much power per day to keep your batteries charged up enough that they dont go below the recommended charge level.. and keep your bus able to start...

if its a bus in the garage a battery tender is a nice thing to set up.. they usually will also not allow a battery to over-charge..

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I checked at Napa just last week & they have 8D's for $235.00
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Battery Tender Plus: Deltran Battery Plus Charger 1 Bank 12V True Gel Cell -

Great for keeping the battery charged, but take FOREVER to recharge a dead battery. (Get a bigger 10 amp charger for recharge duty).
"You can finally say you have enough horsepower when you leave two black streaks from corner to corner"
(Mark Donohue, famed TransAm driver)
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