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Goal zero yeti Lithium power Station

Does anyone have any experience with the Goal Zero lithium power station? (link below). I am trying a way to figure out how to run a medium fridge, lights, induction stove top, computer charger, water pump, on a regular basis and then run a variety of other electronics when i'm using them in my rig. The 3075 wH capacity is very attractive and they claim it can run a fridge for up to 50 hrs. It has a mppt type solar charging module already installed and also has both DC and 2x AC outlets directly on the device. It is pricey but considering the price of buying my own high quality charger controller, inverter and li-ion batteries it really isn't to much difference and it is nice and neat. I was considering a 640 watt or 960 watt Zamp solar array to power. The goal zero also allows for usage while charging too so it's not like I have to wait till the battery is fully charged and unplug to use. I'd love some feedback.

Goal Zero Yeti 3000 Lithium Portable Power Station | | Goal Zero
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I do not. However; I'd suggesting figuring out what your electrical "needs" are and going from there. This is typically called an energy budget. Once you know how much electrical power you need, figuring out how to supply it is pretty simple.

My bus electrical system is similar to what you describe - the design starts here: Electrical System Design -
... and there are a bunch of links from there. The great thing about these systems is that you can size and tailor them to meet your needs.
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Looks pretty nice. It's pretty expensive for the capacity, but there is something to be said for having a more or less ready made solution. The 1500w output could be an issue though. A single induction burner can use that much power, so you'd have to be really careful about managing your loads. Agree with JD, you really need to come up with a good estimate of your usage to see if this would work for you.
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Great thanks! Yea I have a rough electricity budget I've mostly been keeping track of all the wattage ratings of the devices but have yet to calculate average time I will be using them. I'll take a look at your link
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O yea the burner I was looking at is 1800w you are totally right. I forgot about that, what do you think about these batteries? I could always just buy my own mppt charge controller and run a couple of these in parallel,(link below), then get a 3000w inverter and I'd imagine I can run most stuff off of a 3000w inverter. I'm just worried about the total amp-hours my battery bank can store. Ideally I would like to be able to run minimally without sun for 1.5 days. I'm never going to get no sun but just incase I have a heavy load day or something? I don't totally understand how the amp-hour set up works
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Originally Posted by jrbocasurfer View Post
Does anyone have any experience with the Goal Zero lithium power station?
I don't, though I will say I rarely hear bad things about the brand in general. You definitely pay a premium for having everything in a neat and tidy package like that.

You may want to do some more looking before making a final decision. For the sake of discussion, here's a 4.3kw lithium storage unit with various supporting items for $2,280 plus shipping:

24V 180A Lithium Boat Marine RV Solar Battery Bank-Pack Kit

You'd just need to add a sine wave inverter to pull AC out.

The site has a variety of lithium battery packs, chargers, etc. It seems mostly focused toward making electric cars, but the tech is relevant to skoolie builders looking to build power banks, too. They have various inverters, chargers, and batteries in all sorts of configurations. I haven't used them, but the prices seem competitive provided shipping costs work out right.
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I’m not sure about the lith battery setup; but I bought the first version of solar generator they sold(1200 watt). And let me tell you I can’t begin to explain how bad it was. I bought it to take with us on a two month road trip to Canada and struggled with battery issues the whole time. I paid 1600 for it and the sells rep said it would power a medium fridge for 12-24 hours. The whole 2 months we were on the road the thing ran maybe 3 hours before it died. Luckily I was able to get my money back when we got back to San Diego. Lucked out with that one. But it wasn’t a lith battery so maybe they are better now. But I’m sure the price isn’t any better. If you ask me I would say build your own.
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Goal Zero vs bundle it yourself approach

We started looking at the goal zero today and have some questions which I'm hoping someone can help with. We spoke to a local solar guy last week who mention some used AGM batteries that he had, the price was right but the weight of the batteries and storage rack was around 1000lb. He was also talking about an inverter/charger than came in at about a grand.My concern is that it seems like way more weight than I've seen on any of the skoolie builds so we started looking at alternatives. The new 1400 v2 comes in at around 100lbs with lithium batteries. Are they really that much lighter?

If a person was to build something akin to the goal zero wi th lithium batteries and an inverter/charger etc, how much would they be able save compared the the $2400 CAD everyone seems to want for the goal zero?
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DIY all the way

Still say itís probably cheaper to just make your own. Itís nothing special itís just wrapped up in a case thatís about all the difference iof makibing one yourself. And they charge a ton for their products
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Make your own, I bought the yeti3000 and regret it...
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