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Got breaker for 220 into 110, How to redirect solar?

Heyo! Sean and Nic here from our magic bus!

Here we have some pictures of a breaker we have at the rear right of our bus that is receiving from a 220 cable that hangs from the back and directs into 110 outlets that have been installed along the sides. We have access now to solar energy and are curious for an easy way to hook up what we need by use of this breaker to get our solar power. Let us know whatcha might have in mind! Pretty beginner to the electricity game!2A8BA4BA-5C2E-46FA-BE66-314261280268.jpg







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The DC power inputs to the storage bank, and then distribution feeding DC loads, is completely separate from the shore power wiring.

If you want to use an occasional inverter it plugs into your DC circuit, and the mains AC device plugs directly into the inverter output, again, no contact with the shore power wiring.

If you plan on a big expensive combi charger / inverter setup that handles automatic switching (or even load sharing) between the DC bank and shore AC input, you will need an experienced installer / electrician to make sure that is done safely.
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Are you sure it is 220v coming in?

Regardless, there is no direct way to connect solar through to power 120v AC loads.

Most solar setups use the panels to charge a battery bank at 12 or 48 volts, and then use an inverter to transform power from the DC battery bank to 120v AC.

This is doable, but is not simple for a beginner DIY electrical project.
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Hello, If that was my panel I’d consider starting over. Is it horizontal? Should be vertical. The color code of the wires looks off at a glance. At a minimum it should be checked carefully for polarity of line and neutral, resistance, wire gauge, ampacity, etc. . There are loads of solar videos showing DC wiring on YouTube to build a basic solar energy system. Watch enough of them and one can glean good information.
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I am a little envious of some of the folks here that have the skill set to build a quality skoolie without hiring any outside help.

Unfortunately, I am not one of them.

There are some tasks that I really do need qualified help with and I try to recognize what I should tackle and when I should call for help.

If you make mistakes painting, building cabinets or plumbing it is very unlikely to hurt you. Electrical is a different story.

I lost two cousins in a house fire started by a failed diy electrical repair

. "Great news honey. I saved $100 by not hiring an electrician. Bad news, I burned down the house and killed the kids"
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O kidding! It’s wise to be cautious. I’ve been reading about “hot skin” on RVs. Every year someone dies due to this electrical fault. Or dogs. There are non-contact voltage detectors to quickly go over exposed metal and check for stray voltages. I saw one for $25 at the big box hardware store. It’s importabt they detect down to fairly low voltage, say around 10 volts, so they can detect all stray voltages. A weak stray voltage could get stronger.
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