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Re: Inverter wiring, will this work??

So as long as I properly fuse everything and use the correct gauge wire then my plan A with one battery lead to the post and everything running off of the single stud would work?
Is there any issues with using too large a gauge wire? I learned my lesson on voltage drop on landscape lighting after I ran wires and poured a driveway over them and would rather not repeat it. I have a spool of 12g auto wire that I wanted to run my DC light circuits off of ( about 5 lights per circuit @ roughly 8 watts ea is my estimate) and also for the taillight wire extensions.
I also took everyones advice on the male pigtail out of the breaker box. Its alot better than my original plan. Thanks for all of your help with this.
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Re: Inverter wiring, will this work??

The issue with too small a wire is its resistance - at high current flows it heats up, wasting some of the desired energy as heat. In extreme situations it could cause a fire hazard. Since power (watts) = volts x amps, at low voltage more current is needed to get the same power. 1200 watts is 10 amps at 120 volts, and 100 amps at 12 volts.

The issue with too large a wire is purely mechanical - supporting its weight, routing it, and making proper connections - ever tried to put #6 wire into a connector designed for #10? Done badly, this could become a high resistance point instead. With the proper support, routing and connection, larger wire is good.

You can figure out your wiring needs by adding up the power draw. Changing the equation around to amps = watts/volts, each 8 watt lamp draws 8/12 or 0.67 of an amp. #12 wire can support 20 amps at normal distances and temperatures.
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