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Expanding on the idea presented by swiftriver00: wire the bus with only a shore power cord. Use adapters to plug the shore power cord into the built-in outlet on the generator when you want genny power, or to plug into the built-in outlet on the inverter when you want to run on battery power. Higher-wattage inverters often don't have a built-in receptacle; in that case you'd supply your own outlet, box, and bit of wire from that outlet to the inverter.

That's surely the lowest-cost form of manual transfer switch.

A minor extension on the idea: wire the bus with a short shore power cord, just long enough to reach the inverter and generator and maybe a campground pedestal if you're parked right next to it. Use the rest of the shore power cord cable to make an extension for when you can't park adjacent to the pedestal. With this modification you may find that you don't have to mess with the full length of shore power cord every time.
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go to ebay and search 50 amp cord, and how big is your box?

once the cord is hooked up, then you can add extra breakers and outlets to your hearts desire

problem is when people do 30 amp or less they do not have enough wire and outlets etc to take advantage of the extra power w/o going behind walls or bulkheads

example in LaTortuga

we wanted to be able to cook and sleep in comfort

so the bus is divided into two regions front and back

on 15 amp 120, we can EITHER run the bedroom AC or heat (back) or use the 2 electric burners/Rotisserie oven in kitchen (front) we can only use 1 and keep fridge going...
one 1200/1500W heater or AC front or back or we can cook 1400/1500W

on 30 amp we have 15 amps available in the front AND the back, so bedroom ac/heater on and at the same time; we can either cook OR run the heater/AC (fridge stays on)

now with 50 amps we can do whatever we want 2 heaters/AC and cook with rotisserie(1500W and two 700W burners etc) and heat the 40 gallon water heater with 220V also

so you can see how it stacks up if you run wires with a purpose

Now your thinking what outlets work with what cord?

Using adapters from 50->30->15 amp...all circuits will be just have to be mindful of counting amps or you can trip breakers (heater on in back and you turn microwave on to heat coffee...15 amp breaker that we are plugged into will go..CLICK

hope that is clear as not really dirty water
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Only issue I see with this proposal of feeding the AC Load Center with a 50amp cord that can be connected to either the Shore, Genny or Inverter is this: I think you need to disconnect your battery charger if you are using the inverter to power the coach. Otherwise, your DC is being converted to AC which goes to the battery charger where it is converted back to DC to charge the batteries. Seems to me you would burn up your batteries pretty quick if you didn't take the charger out of the equation.

PLEASE correct me if wrong and don't take this as gospel. I'm the infinite number of monkies banging away on a typewriter hoping to write an award winning play.
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Yes if you're using inverter you don't want to use inverter output for battery charging. However nothing says you can't charge from another source while the inverter is running... if your inverter has a charger built in then AC from shore or genny coming into the inverter will be split between charging battery bank and powering AC loads connected to the output.
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Thanks. That what I thought.
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