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Originally Posted by Zephod_beeblebrox2 View Post
The main cable is 6-2 so plenty room for expansion as it'll carry 55 amps.
We could have helped you out on this one.

While your installed cable will, in fact, let you do what you say (by tapping one hot leg of a 50 amp RV pedestal plug) it will only buy you an additional 20 amps over a 30 amp system. You could have spent just a little more and installed 6/3 cable, wired the panel and outside receptacle for the full 50 amp two phase service (two 120v hot legs) bought/built a proper 50 amp, 4 conductor extension cord, then picked up one 50 amp to 30 amp adapter and one 50 amp to 15 amp adapter. Then you would be set to take advantage of full 50 amp power (100 amps total), and also 30 amp or 15 amp power with the simple swap of an adapter. As you've built it, you'd have to replace everything upstream of the breaker box to get full 50 amp power.
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The system is built to take 50A but I'm designing it to take 30A. If I need 50A at some point (heaven knows why) then I can combine two legs at the main breaker which is going under the bus.

I gather 30A is by far the most common supply according to a friend touring the northern US and Canada now.

All my cabling is deliberately over rated for safety.
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When I was on my walk last night I kept thinking about what bothers me so much about these threads (I am posting this in both) is that there are actually 3 reasons that you are eliciting such 3 responses.

There are 2 things when converting anything into an RV that you don’t deviate from accepted practices on, propane/gas plumbing and electricity, because both are very dangerous not just to yourself or you property but to everyone around you. In the event of a catastrophic failure of either system other people namely firemen and paramedics will show up and you have put their lives at risk. People walking by or parked near by could be injured.

As a Buddhist the worst thing one can do is interrupt someone else’s Dharma (their life path) either willingly or negligently. You are willingly putting other peoples dharma at risk because you can’t get a good enough deal on doing the electrics in a safe manner.

As a member of the community I am upset because you ask for advice on how to wire your system and tell us we don’t know what we are talking about. Then continue to work on a system that is going to inconvenience someone else even if it works. The thing about electricity is unless you are making it yourself (solar or a generator) you have to get it from someone else and if you don’t have the way to take it in the form they are trying to give it to you. Then it is going to make both of your lives harder, Because you couldn’t get a good enough deal on doing it correctly.

Lastly as someone who has DIYed things since I was a kid I know one truth about DIY in general. If you are DIYing something to save money there is no room for failure, as it will eat up that little bit you were going to save. So you have to get it right with little or no experience the first time, which is difficult and time consuming. Many things don’t cost a lot because there is a conspiracy to keep it out of your price range but because there are a lot of materials and man-hours involved to create said product. Have you held a coil of 50 amp extension cord its really heavy, there is a lot of copper and rubber involved, and because you don’t RV indoors it has to survive the elements. Those plugs, they are there to keep you safe from 11,000 watts of power that is 14.75-horse power you wouldn’t grab a riding lawn mowers power output shaft but you will grab that plug. You refuse to do it correctly because you cant get a good enough deal on it.

If your life isn’t worth the cost of a $175 worth of cable can I buy you out right now for $350, thats double what you say your life is worth, so you can do all the things I don’t want to do?
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Check out this guy's blog. He makes fun of the people who were trying to help him here.
Matthew and the Errabundus Crew

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Originally Posted by ErrabundusBus View Post
Check out this guy's blog. He makes fun of the people who were trying to help him here.
Laughable here.....Laugable there!
"...Baler twine tie downs goin' down the road
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I see no benefit in allowing this thread to continue while everyone freaks out. If Zephod wants to ignore sound advice when it comes to something that can cause major bodily harm, it won't be in this thread.
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