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Re: Mounting blackwater tank inside

I dunno.... There are so many things that can go wrong... I mean, there doesn't seem to be any redundancy in your proposed set-up... But hell, it's your bus, do it your way and the hell with all the nay sayers....
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Re: Mounting blackwater tank inside

Hey, if you wanna store your poop underneath your bed that is your business, I'm willing to bet cash money that you won't have it there very long!

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Re: Mounting blackwater tank inside

You can have my composting toilet when you pry it from my cold, dead....uh....nevermind.

Zero complaints about having a composter. My original homemade one had some less-than-elegant design features, but worked fine. The newer store-bought one is great so far. My reason for a composting toilet? It's waterless. Water is heavy and takes up space, and it has to be stored, pressurized, delivered, then stored again after being peed/pooped into, then dumped somewhere. Once the alternatives are considered, using water as a medium for transporting and storing human waste is not really necessary. With a waterless model, there is a lot less plumbing and mass of stuff to deal with. A powered vent to the roofline will take care of smells. And the resulting smell is no where near as funky as a blackwater tank where #1 and #2 stew together to make a "latrine" odor.

If a person is always going to be on full-hookups, it's a moot point. Flush away! If you're going to be boondocking, or staying where there is only a dump station some distance from your rig, I think a waterless toilet is well worth consideration.

IMO, YMMV, etc
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Re: Mounting blackwater tank inside

I'm still with you, Smitty...I think it can be done to an acceptable degree of risk and comfort. It would not be difficult in the least to make the box around the tank airtight while still maintaining enough heat in it to keep it from freezing. All my freshwater plumbing is inside and didn't give me trouble until someone actually broke my manifold and that was partially my fault.
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Re: Mounting blackwater tank inside


I think your idea is fine; it's really just a glorified Porta-Potti. Coming from the boat side of things I don't see how this is any worse than pumping waste through hoses all over the boat to get it into a tank that always lives inside the boat.

There is an intersting alternative; it's called the Air Head toilet ( It is a composting toilet (specifically sized for a boat (or RV); I've been around many installed in boats (we install them too) and haven't had any complaints about odor at all. It's sized right and works well for vessels and vehicles in motion. I thought they were expensive until I added up all the things I didn't install compared to a traditional installation (no hoses, no tank, no toilet, etc). I'm not saying it's the only way to go; only that it works and it's dead simple. Always good to know about alternatives even if they don't become "the choice".

All the best,
Les Lampman
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