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Originally Posted by Twigg View Post
... and washing machine water is "grey" everywhere.
Very true. Use of the word "only" nailed me... apologies. My brain got in a rut thinking about the two common sinks.

Originally Posted by Twigg View Post
...but best practise simply says that if you bring it in, you ship it out or dispose of it in a sanitary manner.
Well said my friend!!
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Originally Posted by Twigg View Post
Kitchen water is grey in most places, but "black" in others (the whole of Europe, for example), because of the meat content of food waste. If you are veggie or vegan, it's grey.

Urine is also "grey", even though it's yellow but not all jurisdictions would accept that.
So does that mean I canít eat grey snow either?

Good point about the black water, Iím vegan so for me itís grey but very valid point. For us in the U.K., the grey water I will produce is fine to dispose of into drains due to how our filtration and water system works (obvious exception of certain chemicals etc but not applicable for me as Iím as responsible as iíd hope / environmentally conscious as much as I can be). If I went travelling in certain parts of Europe though that wouldnít be the case as different countries have different draining and waste systems and some canít handle the same as our infrastructure so always best to check the local rules and system before travelling somewhere to be prepared.
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All that said, going back to the original thread topic... does anyone know somewhere I can purchase a Truma AquaGo Comfort or Comfort Plus near Arizona? Found 3 RV places that are apparently listed as dealers for it but none of them bother responding. Will call them on Monday.

Itís not available in the U.K., (doesnít have the CE certification although Iím not bothered because I know in the US is has all the US equivalent approval and itís a great product). So trying to figure out a way to get it shipped to a US address (probably the Bus dealer I got my Bus from maybe) and pay for it to then be shipped to the U.K. by then instead to get round it. Annoyingly if I buy an RV with one already in I can bring it and use it in the U.K., but canít have one delivered to the U.K. from Truma to fit in a US school bus for retro fit. Even the owner of the U.K. branch of Truma said basically beaurocracy is the only reason they canít do it hence me trying to do it this way.

So if anyone knows a dealer that does actually sell them to end users or converters Iíd be interested to know. Starting the conversion in a few weeks so need to know pretty soon.
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Originally Posted by rossfree View Post
I have a tankless on-demand hot water heater running on propane. Heating much of anything with solar is somewhat impractical on small scale solar. The tankless heater is economical and takes very little room. I set mine for shower temperature so I don't even fiddle with knobs. That saves precious water when you have a limited supply.


Ross does that tankless require power to run? Or is it pilot and just uses propane when demanded?
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Researching tankless heaters has me reconsidering the use of one. Some say that it still takes awhile to get hot water to the sink or shower. Rinnai claims if the sink it 50' from the heater, it will take 90 seconds to get hot water, WTF, 90 seconds to clear a 50' 1/2" line, sounds like as long as I wait now for hot water in the kitchen. Rinnai claims their units can not be used in RV/MH's.
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My small tankless propane heater heats fast! It hangs on the exterior wall of the shower with only four feet or so of plastic pipe to the shower head. In 90 seconds Iím finished taking my shower! Ha! Iíd say itís hot within five to ten seconds when first turned on. Zero when Iím using it off and on thereafter. Actually, when i turn the water off to soap up, I have to be a little careful when I turn it back on because the water sitting in the heater initially comes out a bit hotter for a couple of seconds. Easy enough to work with. Pretty amazing how well it works!

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instant hot water, plumbing, solar water, tankless water heater, water heating system

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