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The Diesel heater thread


In Tango's fantastic build thread ( he asked if somebody had experience with the Chinese diesel heaters.

Several follow up questions came up, so I thought we better not sidetrack the build thread and continue here.

I have one on order and watches many Youtube videos before ordering one:
- They are much cheaper then the Eberspacher / PLanar equivalent
- They are exceedingly simple (Fuel pump, fan, glow plug, burning chamber)
- The issues they have are similar to the more expensive ones

There is a very active Facebook group where people post their experiences.

Overall the feedback is positive, with some people having very significant soot build up issues.

Since these heater can be tweaked, the question is always: did people tweak and not say so. The fuel feed rate and fan speed can both be adjusted to get a clean burn.

It's highly recommended (for all these heaters) to run them full power regularly to build of any soot

You can run kerosene at some interval as well. It burns not as hot, but will help in remove build up (easier combustion?). Kerosene also recommend if you use at higher elevations (but adjusting the fuel feed rate should do the same)

I would love to come up with a relatively inexpensive way to tweak the burn settings. Maybe with a CO2 sensor and try to find peak CO2. Or maybe there is sensors that would be able to measure the level of unburned hydrocarbons.

Once I get mine, I will post some experiences here

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I'm looking for information too. Just starting my build. I saw someone mention a password. Are these thing computer controller? Can we redesign the controller, using say a beetle bone or other SBC, to not only control the fuel flow based on CO2 but also add a thermostat or timer or RTC so it turn on about 1/2 before i wake up or from my android before I get home.
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@alpinekid I mentioned the password. I didn't want to post a copy here. I suggest you join the Facebook group. If you can't, send me a direct msg and I'll find the pwd's. They are likely to change regularly, and then the info here would be out of date. Best to go to the source.

The slightly fancier remote version has a timer functions etc build in. There is a guy on the Facebook group that is working on reverse engineering the encoding. I don't think it was particularly straight forward.

A lot of people have added a phone controller remote trigger. I haven't looked at that because it was of not interest to me. But I have seen people post ebay links to devices that would do that.

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