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Geo Jeff, thanks for the input. I hadn't even thought of adding storage on top or doing a trailer. I will certainly keep that in mind. I'm thinking that roof top storage might be the better option- probably can control the temp, humidity, etc better, I would think, than a trailer. Then again, I may be wrong as I have no knowledge in those types of things haha (I've got a lot of research to do!).
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Cowlitzcoach, thanks for the advice

The one thing that I learned pretty quickly on this forum is to NOT get a bus from the rust belt haha. My parents live in central Florida and I've got a ton of very handy friends there. My dad is a plumber and just all around handy guy, so I was throwing around the idea of maybe looking for a bus down south and trying to knock out a complete conversion in a few weeks time. Dad's retiring soon, so I think I'll be able to convince him to help out Daddy's Little Girl

What is the comparison in price and ease of finding mechanical help between buses and motor coaches? I've got a budget in my head of $15,000-$20,000 for the conversion, which would include the price of the bus. Plus, neither the hubs nor I are very good at mechanics (although we would be willing/able to learn some basic things that might save us some money down the line), so I would be leaning more towards a vehicle that wouldn't be very difficult to find a repair shop for when needed.
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I'm in Central FL and the prices here are so high and the quality of buses so low, its worth a drive to the west coast.
Seriously. Crappy, low spec stuff goes for 5-10 grand here.
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Well that's a bummer, but good to know ahead of time.
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If you do utilize a roof rack, just make sure you know how tall your bus is after you get it loaded.... nothing will ruin a road trip faster than hitting a bridge and having all your stuff tumble 13 1/2 feet to the road below.

I'm a former truck driver and I used to see that kind of stuff happen all the time.

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in my short time having an apartment in florida and still being in columbus, I find that the busses they run for school in florida are Ragged compare to even alot of the retired busses people on the forum are buying..

Ohio has the opposite of what you want. our busses here are excellent mechanically because the inspectors and the state are SOB's when it comes to the mechanics.. but rust is not looked at.. the only way an inspector in ohio will fail a bus on rust is a through or visibly structural issue.. but they will fail a bus on worn mechanics and worn tires...

western busses are very nice but they often come at a premium price because veryone wants the nice big drivetrains they put in them for traversing the hills on a daily basis... not saying deals cant be found but its tougher...

busses in texas and inland a bit from some of the southern states have the capability of finding good solid busses.. though they often have smaller drivetrains being in mainly flat areas... but it sounds for you like the mainstay is a rust free shell to work with that runs good in case you want to take a trip, but that having a monster engine and trans isnt a huge deal compared to that of low rust... that leaves the south as good area to look... the little second bus I got is pretty much rust free from texas

it might be worth hopping in the car and taking a LOOK at some of the busses down south as they go up for auction.. or even hit a couple dealers (even though you dont plan to buy.. just kick tires)..

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