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I will try and contact him for you and find out which motors those have and other info like trans and tires, etc. It was listed 12 days ago, it is possible they have sold.

Nice buses though. If i had to do it over again i would consider that size. Just today i laughed out loud at how big this GMC bus is. lol For my needs it is spoiling me with space

Good luck! I will let you know if i hear anything back.
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Originally Posted by SpecialAgentAce View Post
I've seen these buses listed, relatively locally, but I know nothing at all about the brand. I did a little digging, but I don't know enough to come up with anything useful.

These are exactly the size I'm looking for:

Bus 1 - 200K Miles for $2500

Bus 2: 170K miles for $3500

And there's a Shorty even closer - but it has a lot of miles on it at 300K + for $2000.

If I wanted a bigger bus, I'd have my pick for this area, but I'm in the market for the mid-size and could probably be convinced to go full-on Shorty for the right price and engine/miles. I am blind in one eye, and so already have vision and depth perception issues in a smaller vehicle - I'm wary of trying my luck at something larger than the mid-size.

Unfortunately, my Google-fu isn't very good when it comes to buses/vehicles. I've tried contacting the seller for the first two buses through email but haven't had any response. The VIN listed is incorrect, though consistent with the style of bus it is. They probably just mistyped it but that gives me some cause for doubt, too.
Hello brother,

I was reading your first post about not knowing about engines. During my research, a local diesel mechanic told me:
If you are buying an used bus, stick to this rule:
Diesel engine < 150k miles
Gas engine <100k miles
He said this to me when I was looking at a 2010 Ford gas engine bus with 210k miles on it.

Have you tried looking at and
I understand distance is a problem for you.

Best of luck
Nurse, not mechanic

P.S - I never found those 500$ buses that weren't junk. Maybe I didn't look long or hard enough.
the more i learn, the less I know what to buy . . .
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I'm starting to think those $500 buses are fairy tales. I've never seen one for less than $900 that was still running, not a gigantic rust bucket, or so completely thrashed that you couldn't even part it.

I'm alone, so distance is a bit of an issue, yeah, and I've got a full time 5 day a week job that I can't take a 1 week vacation from to go pick up a bus, so driving across the country ... while it sounds wonderful... isn't really something I can do. Also, in a big van/truck - cost prohibitive.

So I'm trying to stay relatively close to home, despite the risk that I'm getting a bus with a rusty belly. I'd also like to SEE the bus before I hand over my money. It wasn't easy to save up what I have - and like all of us, I'm not trying to throw it away on a Lemon just because it was the first thing I could afford.

I appreciate all the welcoming and help - I hadn't had a chance to call the people with the buses - but realized I had no idea what to ask, either. "What's under the hood" is a bit too vague and the only car shopping experience I ever had I made a really good deal on. I got my PT Cruiser at 30K miles, 3 years old and practically brand new for a song. 12 years later, she's just now starting to have maintenance issues because I am NOT a mechanic. BY any stretch of the imagination.

I've got to find a place to park and figure out how to insure, too. I might just call it a tailgater for now - if it'll get me personal use / insurance. And I'm fairly certain the HOA I'm living in won't let me park a school bus in front of the house indefinitely. The local storage places dont' have room for a bus - but there are a few with some RV spots that aren't TOO far away. I was just really hoping for something more or less right here for storage.

I'm still pretty early in the practical part of bus-buying. All the day dreaming and pre-planning I've been doing for years. LOL
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My first bus was an '88 Ford B600 I bought from San Antonio for $500. They are out there, just not common. I've been in the government surplus business for 17 + years. Don't give up on finding a bus that fits your needs at an affordable price. We took three YEARS to find our '89 Thomas. We looked at hundreds of buses and turned each one down for many reasons - too much money being the most common. We knew what we were looking for and stuck to our guns about price. We finally got a beauty from California for $2K. With plane ticket, fuel, food, hotel, et. al. we had about $2850 or so in her for total expenses including purchase price. Best investment we've made so far! So, chin up. Hang in there. Things will line up where the right bus will present itself at the right time for the right price and not be a burden to you.

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