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Originally Posted by Azuleslight View Post
I know the requirements for my state and the process. That isnt what i was asking about. I was asking if the people who are being dropped by their insurance. If they changed their titles to RV, or if they maintained the Bus title. If they did change the title to RV, why is it vinning out as a bus is my next question. The last question is their a way to change vin search info?
Ah. Unless you flip the VIN, it'll still come up as a "School Bus". There was a thread on the BCI Facebook (Closed) Group asking about that, and it comes down to an engineering appraisal and write up of your conversion to flip the VIN from "Bus" to "RV". But, then YMMV
Hey! That's not an RV, that's a school bus.
Well thank you for noticing, Captain Obvious

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For North Carolina all you have to do is show a way to store food(cooler) a way to prepare food (Coleman stove) and a way to clean up afterwards ? (A 5-gallon bucket on set on the roof with a hose and spigot ran through the window.
I didn't go that route and still are insured,registered and inspected as a private owned bus.
Almost there and am debating talking to my insurance company and DMV about the cost difference between what I am paying in insurance and property tax as a private owned BUS verses what it would cost me to insure as an RV? I think it will be more for both nut I don't know for sure? I do believe as money hungry as all states are it will cost more in property tax as an RV which raises the value which raises the insurance requirements which raise the amount of money I pay out?
I don't know that I will worry about a title change but if/when I do get into an accident it will probably the other drivers fault and there insurance will pay the same as mine? Tax value?
No matter what we put into our conversion's unless or pockets are lined with gold to insure for every dime and time put into it? You will never get it insured for what you think it is worth? You recover your time and money by building what your happy with and using it for local camping just to get away or on the road to drop everything and run away.
Mine is built to live in while I build a house in texas still in N.C. For now but our dreams are to be home and my wife and I have been with nationwide for 20 yrs. and no problems yet and for inspection's I pay the extra money for the full DOT inspection (53vs15) but they evaluate the entire platform and tell me what they think needs to be replaced,looked at, adjusted, and see you next year. Before inspection this year. I replaced all the engine belts because the one they had a concern with was last in the groove of 5, back up lights quit on the drive there? I cleaned the lights and body ground,changed the bulbs, bought new lights(which were due anyway) traced the wires and the problem was the pressure switch at the tranny? next was the carrier bearings? They said replace cause the rubbers were starting to dry rot. So I cleaned/inspected the u-joints/driveline and soaked the rubbers in place with a high saturant oil/PB blaster silicone. Every issue at last years inspection addressed and inspected for another year.
No matter how far I move I always carry tools,spare engine belts(even if some are the old ones ) including the old reverse lights just because no one stocks them? Yeah a good 1/4 of my storage will be tools, spare parts and anything I think I need to keep me on the road while underway and using it to move from place to place I want to build a storage to get my mediocre wood working tools on board and another close to the rear springs to get my real tools on board? I can leave the wood working tools behind and replace when I get there and if I get the job I have applied for in tx then I can give all of my stuff to the ones that I am leaving so as not to haul it?
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bus advice, canada, ontario

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