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like another post stated.. most states dont seem to enforce the painting.. I see plenty of old school busses driving around .. in fact the last bus I had I only painted over the "school letters" with a line of yellow and even still had school lights.. never got stopped.. though I didnt drive it that much...

the reason school busses dont get noticed is that they are common place.. IN TOWN.. so for those that are building and driving a yellow bus on short jaunts around town you wont get noticed or hassled...

once you go out on the open road you will get noticed.. esp if its Plated and its an out of state plate.. it will instantly be flagged as a NON-SCHOOL operated bus.. it wont be the local sheriff that pulls you over.. but the pesky DOT inspector that trolls rest areas and truck stops looking for any commercial vehicle in violation to hand you a BIG ticket...

if its painted other than yellow, it will be marked as an RV.. and DOT doesnt seem to bother RV's as much.. im not sure how much jurisdiction they have over RV's.. but as an RV the DOT inspector knows he cant write any tickets for Over-weight, CDL violations, expired DOT inspection tags and a whole host of other commercial-only requirements.. so they tend to go bother truckers instead....

the nicer and well-kept your bus looks the less likely you are to get bothered..

most all states the requirement is the School lights have to be painted over or removed and stop signs painted over / removed.. you cant have the name of a school system on the side and it cant say "school bus" on it anywhere

some states require NO yellow... others like ohio you can have half yellow and half another color...

do a decent clean white paint job and you will be fine pretty much everywhere..

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