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Its currently titled as a MH then you tell insurance company you want to insure your MH don't mention its a shuttle bus.
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Originally Posted by EastCoastCB View Post
Check with your state and insurance rep. Don't rely on advice from internet people.

agreed.. as there are 50 states and 100 different laws it seems...

plus the variance we see with insurance companies is very much state-law and risk oriented..

for instance progressive is based in ohio and started their coverage here long before most ever heard of them... also in ohio the hobby of bus restoration / rest-o-mod is very popular and has been long before tiny-homes and converted busses.. my guess is that the risk is much less for busses that are insured and essentially parked more of the time than not.. on average a converted skoolie is likely to be driven more than someone who collects busses.. vehicles out on public roads represent a higher risk of a loss to the insurance company than vehicles parked.. esp since most only carry liability...

state laws in regards to maximum payouts, lawsuit results, judges, and average number of losses per area per vehicle type also affect whether an insurer will cover you.. an actuary-acquaintence of mine tells me it is literally by specific street address at times.. and for sure by zip-code.. and yes in many cases income-level and credit score play a factor.. im not sure how those last ones play in as when im out driving I get cut-off by just as many Beemers as I do old beat up Buicks...

essentially insurance companies only want to insure those people they feel will never ever make a claim... insurers also have access to what is known as the CLUE database which essentially is a way to look up your previous claims history with insurers.. whether the loss be your fault or not...

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I got a quote this morning from my local agent here in Iowa, he had a photo copy of the title showing it as a bus. $252 through Progressive as a commercial vehicle for non-commercial use. Progressive WILL NOT cover after the conversion. But that gets me home.
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Originally Posted by CMORGANSKOOL View Post
In NJ and some other states, you can't insure a bus as a motor home you have to register it as a motor home and insure it as a commercial vehicle but use it for non commercial purposes. Your insurance company may be correct. Try giving Allstate a call. That's who I use. I pay $50/mo
Hey, who is your allstate rep? I'm also in the Philly area and I'm trying to line up liability insurance for my bus (I'm not looking to get RV insurance yet because the conversion is not complete).
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I had to call several agents before I was able to get liability insurance for my bus while building - and after. An Allstate agent in Florida was able to do liability for the bus/MH for $280 a year. I was able to get the coverage from the moment I drove it off the bus lot. The Bus dealer had it titled it as a Van Conversion then I retitled it as a MH after most of the conversion.
I always recommend calling a few different agents. I was open and honest with them all - and a few snubbed their phone-noses at me with "Umm, we don't insure buses" (I think I imagined them saying "we don't insure bus people" but it was likely just buses) - but eventually one understood.
As mentioned - every state is different - and there are many many differences within each state. I found that some will listen and help and some won't.
Good luck! Don't give up - because it is possible.
- Roger (Dog.Rescuer)
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Originally Posted by EastCoastCB View Post
Check with your state and insurance rep. Don't rely on advice from internet people.
Did I say something erroneous?
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Originally Posted by o1marc View Post
Did I say something erroneous?
No you said what you've experienced.
Folks have vastly different experiences with these things and insurance. It all depends on who you are, where you are, and all that jazz.
Roll Your Own Build Thread
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ford, insurance, short bus conversion, startrans, titled as motorhome

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