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Hello, Everyone!

We are excited to be part of this great community and learn as much as we can from you all. Our uncle recently found a school bus at the auctions and we have convinced him to sell it to us so we may convert it. It is a 1992 Thomas Built School Bus with a Caterpillar Diesel engine and Alison transmission.

We are excited to start this project and are planning on having it already in 6 to 9 months.

Whooo Hooo!!!
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Welcome to Skoolie Time. That's a nice looking bus!
BlueFish aka Todd
Seeking a Crown, Thomas, International, Blue Bird bus with DT466, Cummins 8.3, Allison trans, high roof, air brakes, and A/C.
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Originally Posted by bansil View Post
read and abide by the sites rules, they are posted to help everyone understand and enjoy using this wealth of knowledge known as

In the realm that is our world or at least a perceived world; there seems to be a lot of hate, disrespect and general meanness that is messing with everyone's mojo

Just because it seems like the media has turned to applying race and hatred to everything, it will not be accepted on this site...period.

Do not talk derogatorily/mean/hurtful about any person, religion or values

On this site we are about BUSES; we are not about

1)what color you are
2)what race you
3)what your sexual or partnerships are
4)what religion you follow

None of that matters; do not come on here and personally attack any member about anything, unless it's bus related (I jest)

Hey Bansil you were stupid and dumb to buy that RE bus = bad and is bashing

Hey Bansil you would of been better off, buying a FE because.... =good criticism

Can you tell the difference?????

If not reread the rules and read this sticky here:

IF you have nothing nice to say...don't say it, it will make your blood pressure lower and it will not offend fellow builders

Lately there has been alot of bashing of the Jewish faith around the world, people grow up and if you don't like what has been said find another forum to to beotch about it on, we will not accept it here

Same with Muslims; Muslims as a whole are good people, find somewhere else to complain

The whole Black on White or White on black, or brown on red...people leave it elsewhere and stick to Yellow chrome number 5 or whatever it is

The language also, this is a family site so the site has good filters in place for most words, and society has down played certain words, phrases and such to be common old farts are still offended at some of them

Also there has been some concerns about using the search feature, yes it isn't the best feature, so use google to search with


if really makes it hard to respond when there are 2 or 3 same topics at the same time

(disclaimer: I am not a hippy, and have no bad feelings toward any I know or will meet, smile people and enjoy life and family)
You folks should start a thread introducing yourselves. This thread was started to stop folks bickering and trolling.
Roll Your Own Build Thread
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That is an interesting build on a Gillig Schoolcoach in the background.

What do you know about it?
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Hi! I'm new to, but I am very excited about living on the road once I finish school. I have a wonderful job that allows me to work remotely, so I plan to travel a lot and see the USA.
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Talking Hello from new user WheWander

We bought our bus last week and are looking forward to our journey ahead.
We've been reading this site for many months and would like to thank all of you for posting such valued information as it has helped us tremendously.

Now off to start the VT reg process and begin our build. It's gonna a while but we're ready to invest the next couple of years dialing it in.
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Excited to be here!!

Hi all,

We are an English family in the final stages of purchasing and arranging shipping of a bus and we’re so excited to be here to see all your amazing conversions and all the threads are great and so helpful so thank you for the community. Am I able to either post pictures or link to the pictures of the prospective bus to get an opinion as we are out of country. And a question, I thought about getting a local mechanic or similar to go and give the bus a look over what do you guys think.

Thank you in advance

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Hello & Welcome. If you are buying here and shipping to UK, definitely arrange a thorough inspection. Depending on where you locate a unit, someone on this forum may be able to help, either with the inspection, or lining up a technician.

Best of luck and do keep us informed as to what you are looking for.
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Oh wow cool hadn’t thought of that! We have found one in Hudson Florida, we’re looking as big as possible as we have four kids and a dog, we’ve found a 2000 International Amtram 14 rows with rear engine. Thank you. Have posted link!!
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Location: Houston, Texas
Posts: 8,453
Year: 1946
Coachwork: Chevrolet/Wayne
Chassis: 1- 1/2 ton
Engine: Cummins 4BT
Rated Cap: 15
Coupla' basics to keep in mind when searching for a "big bus"...

Confirm the interior roof height (then compare it to your own)

Try to avoid anything after 2004 (the EPA electronic garbage added is a nightmare!)

Go for the largest engine you can find ("Big" buses need "Big" engines to move all that bulk)

Avoid the antiquated Allison AT545 transmission (OK in its' day...but its' day is long past) Try for 5 or 6 gears with full "Lock Up". Almost any other Allison will be an improvement.

Mercedes engines are great...unless they have a problem. (There are NO small, inexpensive Mercedes problems...likewise most CAT engines)

Read all you can on this site and you will be well equipped to make a good choice. Best of luck to you!
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