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I think we should stick to acronyms like BYOB. It's nice to see the help on this site going out to people just learning about buses. Everyone will admit there are some truly stupid things that go on here at times. That's just people without experience attempting to do what they think is right. We've all been there on one subject or another. Be tactful and say "I did it this way." Just give people a choice between their stupid way and some hopefully more reasonable way. Not everyone had the misfortune of being a mechanic so give em a break. It's pretty impressive that some of these people buy buses at all. I always liked to dive in head first myself.
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Hello, Patrick here.

I am restoring a late 40's GM school bus. I only have the front half of the bus, so I am making into a guest room.

I need to find some parts and then I found this great site.

Looking forward to reading all the threads!

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Smile New member.

First, it took me 20 to 30 min trying to register for his site. The captcha kept saying the pass words didn't match over and over again after entering the tex. It was so hard to read on several occasions that it was impossible to do. I tried listening to the letters and it was unintelligible. I almost gave up but am looking for a bus to convert and really needed access to everyones experience on this site. This may be due to some kind of visual, audio processing problem I have. If so, it is limiting access to some of us. I hope the admins of this site will look into this, so that the site is inclusive of all. Thanks. It looks like a great site other than that. I am considering a 2000 International RE bus, with the T444 engine, also a Bluebird RE with an 8.4 Cummings.
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Hi and

All else being equal, I'd recommend the Blue Bird with the Cummins. It's a highly sought after rig. The 8.4L is a much stronger engine.
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longtime listener, first-time caller…

Hello everyone,

First, thanks to moderators and participants for the high quality of posts and comments, as regards technical content, civility, and brevity balanced with sufficiency. I look forward to developing enough knowledge to ask some useful questions…

I've owned three VW buses, now driving my first diesel, a 2013 VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI I'll soon be selling back to VW for about its sticker price. Lately I've been driving a 1997 Blue Bird TC2000 (bare chassis upfitted to bloodmobile) for a local nonprofit, providing me with a sense of comfort and respect toward the vehicle. So once VWofAmerica cuts me a check, I'll start really shopping for *my* ideal rig…

The numerous active threads and archives are covering pretty much everything I could think of and much more besides. A longtime interest in sailboats <> has given me an appreciation for ventilation, vibration, corrosion, cubic feet, plumb, and level. So I'd sooner shop at, say, West Marine than at Camping World, but first choice will be salvaging and repairing, recycling and repurposing, in harmony with this retiree's fixed income and environmental sentiments.
"Oh no, I've said too much
I set it up"

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Hi Everyone, Great advice and I think, if 'it is not nice' I want say it.
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Newbie in Mt Vernon,WA

Hey there, my family of 3 and our 2 dogs are going to buy a school bus to convert into our own tiny house. We want to do this so we can save and build our credit so we can buy a house of our own and use the bus as an awesome camper. We will be living in it full time for probably 2 year's, maybe more who knows, but it will be a Heck of an experience. We have already severely downsized and have no furniture so it Will be all brand new stuff to us which is always fun, we love thrift stores and what not, frugal is our middle name haha. We live in mt vernon Washington. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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We're looking into buying a bus and converting it into a camper we live in the Hudson Valley in New York. Most of my family is in Florida so we plan on having the camper so we could travel back and forth my name is Tom and my wife is Denise hope to get a lot of information I need on here take care talk to you soon
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Originally Posted by bansil View Post
read and abide by the sites rules, they are posted to help everyone understand and enjoy using this wealth of knowledge known as

In the realm that is our world or at least a perceived world; there seems to be a lot of hate, disrespect and general meanness that is messing with everyone's mojo

Just because it seems like the media has turned to applying race and hatred to everything, it will not be accepted on this site...period.

Do not talk derogatorily/mean/hurtful about any person, religion or values

On this site we are about BUSES; we are not about

1)what color you are
2)what race you
3)what your sexual or partnerships are
4)what religion you follow

None of that matters; do not come on here and personally attack any member about anything, unless it's bus related (I jest)

Hey Bansil you were stupid and dumb to buy that RE bus = bad and is bashing

Hey Bansil you would of been better off, buying a FE because.... =good criticism

Can you tell the difference?????

If not reread the rules and read this sticky here:

IF you have nothing nice to say...don't say it, it will make your blood pressure lower and it will not offend fellow builders

Lately there has been alot of bashing of the Jewish faith around the world, people grow up and if you don't like what has been said find another forum to to beotch about it on, we will not accept it here

Same with Muslims; Muslims as a whole are good people, find somewhere else to complain

The whole Black on White or White on black, or brown on red...people leave it elsewhere and stick to Yellow chrome number 5 or whatever it is

The language also, this is a family site so the site has good filters in place for most words, and society has down played certain words, phrases and such to be common old farts are still offended at some of them

Also there has been some concerns about using the search feature, yes it isn't the best feature, so use google to search with


if really makes it hard to respond when there are 2 or 3 same topics at the same time

(disclaimer: I am not a hippy, and have no bad feelings toward any I know or will meet, smile people and enjoy life and family)
Hello, I'm new. I've had several busses in my life, but not in the last twenty years. I'm looking to find an antique bus and convert it to our home.
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Smile Wanting to take a road trip with friends need some tips

Hello everyone I'm 16 and looking forward to purchasing a used School Bus and renovating it with one or a couple of my friends in a couple of years. We are just starting to plan this together and Want to do the great 48 route through all 48 states in the main part of the US. I was wondering if anyone could help me an an estimated cost of everything, and how much money is going to be put in to each step of the process. From purchasing, to renovating to finally on the road. So if anyone could help that would be much appreciated, thank you.
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