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Bus Crazy
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That is a Wayne Lifeguard bus body. It wouldn't be my first choice out there but it isn't a bad choice.

Since you won't be out actual cash $$$ I think it is worth taking a flyer on it.

At the HP ratings on the data plate it isn't going to be a highway cruiser. It may actually have a 47 MPH top speed. I had a bus of about that vintage with that engine, transmission, and brakes. It had a top speed of 47 MPH. Going anywhere was a challenge in patience. It never slowed down for any hill it just didn't go any faster.

It may actually be worth it for the parts and pieces inside of it and the scrap value.

Good luck and happy trails.
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Thanks cowlitzcoach...I'm surprised to hear you say that it would be worth it! Are there upgrades available to make this bus move at highway speeds? I think it would be best if we could travel comfortably on the highway. Another downside about the bus is that it has a low ceiling. Maybe I will consider getting the bus to scrap it out or sell it and put it towards a more suitable bus.
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Bus Geek
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That's how I think!
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Bus Crazy
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I would not pay cash $$$ for it but if it has stuff inside that can be used for the conversion it would seem to be you would be $$$ ahead to get it.

If you had to actually pay $2,000.00 cash $$$ I would say pass. On the surface there is just too many glaring issues that would need to be addressed, the least of which would be new windshield glass.

As far as getting that bus to be a highway cruiser, the engine is not dissimilar to the engine that was used in Ford products. Gale Banks Engineering and Summit Racing have whole catalogues dedicated to making that engine a real screamer. Everything from cold air intakes to turbo packages to high performance pumps and injectors and everything else in between can be found. It is only limited to your pocketbook and your imagination. The best part is that in the IHC application you don't have the underhood limitations that light duty Ford products have.

Since it is an IHC product the build sheet for the chassis may still be available. Finding the correct gear set to change to a highway friendly gearing would not be a big deal and would only be limited by how much you could afford to spend to make the change.

As far as inside height is concerned, raising the roof on a Wayne Lifeguard would not be that difficult since the windshield posts are almost straight up and down and the rear has very little slope to it. The limiting factor will be your HP and torque. Once are you are above 35 MPH frontal area becomes a critial factor.

I have driven harvest trucks with cab over dump boxes for Christmas trees equipped with DT466 275 HP engines that could not get into top gear when going into a headwind. And those trucks had gross weights not that dissimilar to a fully loaded school bus.

If it will start and run and the brakes are not totatlly trashed from sitting it might not be a bad place to start if the price is right.

Good luck.
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Site Team
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def. needs tires, and brakes gone's a project
Our build La Tortuga
Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.
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Looking for spec

I have an 89 International S1700 Navistar. Three things, I need to find out the fuel capacity and I need to find out the gear ratio and govorner status. I run 50mph at about 3200 rpm on the highway with a mostly converted. I would like to be at around 60-65mph with lower RPM just for the noise factor. I am too nervous to run it low enough on fuel to really find out the capacity that way and I cant seem to find a spec sheet. It is an all mechanical engine so I know there isnt any crazy computer mojo that can be done to modify how the engine performs.
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Gas tank capacity - convert cubic inches to gallons

Alivingstone- to determine your tank capacity measure it.

Length" x width" x depth"= cubic inches

Cubic inches divided by 231= US gallons
Cubic inches divided by 278.42 = Imperial Gallons

You'll need the engine and transmission details first to answer your other questions. Look for the tags (labels) on the engine and on the tranny.
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The tank on my bus has a tag welded on it that shows the tank capacity and
certification information.
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