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Re: Are we headed for another Civil War in the US?

Aliens,reptilians, et al are thrown in replacing REAL, PROVABLE Federal criminal acts to keep the public in their trance like state of disbelief of anything not "officially" sanctioned as "truth".
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Re: Are we headed for another Civil War in the US?

I understand the stucture and motivations behind militia groups- they don't like the control of the fedral governent so they submit to the total control of the command stucture of the few privaliged leaders. They dont want to ordered by the fedalr government so they just get rdered around by one guy with chip on his shoulder....I know I was in one briefly- and left for that very reason- they want to be left alone by the Feds, but you have to submit to the whim of the commander. I was a CCT( if you know what they are good for you- I spent my time attached to seal team 6) in the air force and these militias like everyone talks a big game until you're taking fire, casualites, and see friends die- I've seen all three.
The feds need not hire them roll up a 203mm send word a W79 Mod 1, linear supressed strike will follow if they don't comply, and they will fold- For those that know what that is- it's nasty but it leaves the equpiment realitivly unharmed- they are still in production and not limited by any treaty. A W79 is enough of a carrot in front of the mule to make them fold.

I don't beleive that things would ever come to violence American citizens are too lazy, complacent, overweight, and dull to stage an effective resistance. They lack the will to stand up against anything that would take them away from the TV. All the federal government need do to put down any revolt would be jam cellphone signals, interupt internet, and shutdown cable TV satilites and the populace would curl up into the fetal position and beg for mercy.

Mark my words here and now- the tea party is at the beginning of its end- Blow-job Bill (did he say that?) has already set the stage... there will be an act of violence at a tea party event or by a tea party "extremist". Hence why they want to replace "terrorists" with "extremists"- they will be able to seperate out our own citizens as 'extremists' that need to weeded out.So- what can we do? Hit them where they live: Wishful thinking about to happen here.

1) Block brokers from trading Wall Street, like a union strike. (Shut Wall-Street down for a day, and BILLIONS are lost)
2) Boycott companies Walmart until they give workers benefits, pensions etc.
3) Rally at least 30% of Americans into refusing to pay Fed taxes until our voices are heard
4) Stage walk outs of government institutions.
5) Stage mass boycotts of specific minimum wage jobs (Fast Food Chains, Supermarkets, etc...) until the base pay is raised to livable standards.
6) Have the trucking industry "no freight" days

None of this will ever happen- so we're barking up the wrong tree there- as for me I'm going to go plant some tomatoes...
The farther you look into the past the further ahead you'll see- George Washinton
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Re: Are we headed for another Civil War in the US?

Good post Duckfoot, about the same as I was thinking. Those Militias mean nothing in any type of combat situation. Street gangs mean nothing. "Oathtakers" that term threw me for a day, WTF is an Othataker? Oh, you mean when I took my oath when I enlisted in the Army when I was 18 years old. ****, I damn near forgot about that. Yeah, I took an Oath something about the Constitution which is not open to my interpretation. Hell, I swore to protect the U.S. from guys like those Militias and to uphold the Government and not someone's claiming they know the real version of the constitution or someones view of what a "Real American" is. Feck them, I'm a real American and I am getting mean in my old age. I don't think there is anything here in this thread but some way out fringe fantasy of what a few folks would like to see so they can try and make their way in some romantic version of anarchy ...until the air strikes and the artillery and the automatic weapons fire is stinking up everything. Nothing will ruin a guy's day more then the smell of blood, piss, **** and vomit all at the same time. Then opinions will change as fast as their drawers will need to be cleaned. I think I will get back to building my bolt bin and enjoying my day. Hey, how about that coming VAT tax?
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Re: Are we headed for another Civil War in the US?

Hey Abbott, Sent you a PM, Ya never answered it so I'll put it here. It seems you frequent this posting. or ARE YOU IGNORING ME?

Sent: Tue Apr 20, 2010 11:26 am
From: Papabear
To: Abbott

Hey Abbott, So fill me in a little more about your time in the high desert. I went to school in RS. Graduated in 77. You around that time?
Also, did ya say your ex-military? If so, thanks for your service. I was an Air Force brat. Would not take me into military due to bone injuries from Motorcycle accident. Son and Nephew in the stan now. Both on 3rd deployments. Army Ranger/Spec ops - Air Force/Weapons Tech.

Duckfoot.... CCT w/SEAL6 In AFSOC under USSOCOM? Love those military acronyms. CCT - tough job and training to get there. Did ya do time at Hurlburt Field? My early years were spent at a lot of AFB's Pope, Lackland, Hill, Anderson. Guam was cool as I remember it, but to young to really have fun with it.
My Kid just moves around all the time. Ranger/2nd-75th Reg/Airborne. Anyway, Thank you for your service also.

And, I agree with you on armchair warriors. No matter how much training you recieve, you will never know how you will react untill It actually gets ugly. There is a reason "54 shots were fired and the perp was hit once in the leg" Until you are looking at business end of a weapon you can only train and hope your training becomes natural reaction. Fight or flight, baby. Spray and pray. The Horror.............. Smells like Victory (As i turn the dvd, apocolypse now, off)

The Oath:I, XXX, do solemnly swear(or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution and the laws of the State of XXX; that I bear true faith and allegiance to the same, and defend them against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge the duties of the office of Peace Officer according to the best of my ability, so help me God (or so I do affirm).

And I believe this holds true:
"Of every one hundred men, ten should not even be here.
Eighty are nothing but targets.
Nine are real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they the battle make.
Ah, but the One...
One of them is a Warrior...
He will bring the others back." Heraclitus

Dum Spiramus Fiat Justitia
"I've never been lost, but I been mighty confused for several days"
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Re: Are we headed for another Civil War in the US?

my opinion !!
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Re: Are we headed for another Civil War in the US?

I think it is too late to change anything . My nation is gone forever because of complacent and silent citizens .

We got involved and took the risk of violence and abuse from those who shouldnt even be here and their cohorts .

The tea parties are not protesting the most important things that need changing . Soon these traitors will have all the votes they need to finish their agendas . All the invaders ,enemies within will protect their meal tickets unlike the complacent hard working Americans .
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Re: Are we headed for another Civil War in the US?

Just found this thread, had no idea..... My two cents.....The "Government" is not the problem, We are the government. The problem is the large corporations are paying our elected leaders to do THEIR bidding. WE need to stop supporting big corporations and kick their lobbyists out of our Government. Stop buying mass produced goods, buy local or used and bring back small businesses that have pride in their products. The "us" and "them" we should be seeing are People vs Big Business. Not black or white, or gay or straight, or religious or atheist. Be gentle boys, I am sensitive...... Leslie
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Re: Are we headed for another Civil War in the US?

Sounds like Leslie is talking about "going Galt." See "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand.

"Who is John Galt?"
(Latin) loquor loqui locutus dep. [to speak (in conversation); to tell , say, declare, talk of].

Children drink kOOlaid, adults drink T.E.A.

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Re: Are we headed for another Civil War in the US?

Wow. Heavy duty subject. I think that civil unrest is more likely than civil war. I think there are tens of millions of people are on the edge of financial catastrophe. When you have a family and no job, no money and no place to house your family, it puts people in a desperate situation. Probably much more likely to resort to drastic measures.

As far as the government going astray, it has, but we can see the reaction of the people at the voting booth. Look at some of the outcomes of special elections and primaries. Look at MA, NJ and VA. Look what happened to that dirtbag Specter. Look at HI. Your average Joe and Joanne has woken up and realized that their vote does count and is desperately needed. Anyone that thinks this is a temporary thing is sadly mistaken. These scumbags will be thrown out of office by the truckload and if the people that replace them think that they can do things the way they were done before will be thrown out also. As far as the Republicans go, if they think the Tea Party is in their back pocket, they have a surprise coming.

Picture of Republican thinking they have the Tea Party in their back pocket.
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Re: Are we headed for another Civil War in the US?

I agree with much of what you say but I am not ready to throw in the towel yet.

Monsanto is the devil!
I'm hungry!

You Gotta Let Me Fly
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