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All spanking aside, my bus has a lighter and ashtray. Well the lighter is gone but the socket is there I use it for my CB. It is an 1990 GMC/Bluebird.

When I was in middle school the driver would let the smokers smoke as long as nobody had a problem with it. They would all sit at the back with teh windows open.

The driver would speed like hell in the morning and get about 10 min ahead of schedule. He would then pull off near a big field and go smoke outside of the bus. We did not care because he let us eat, chew gum, and do about anything we wanted.
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Originally Posted by Firearm
My dad used to say, "Go ahead and call the Police. Just remember, if I go to jail I'll be really pissed when I get out and I know where you live". I think the force he used was very reasonable
I called the police once, after being beaten nearly unconcious with a 2x4. After laughing & joking with them for about 15 minutes, he broke three of my ribs with a softball bat & told me if I ever told anyone again he'd torture me to death.

If you hit your children, I hope you wake up one night with a butcher knife in your chest, and your child standing over you saying, "You'll never hurt me again."
Optimism is a mental disorder.
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Again....ashtrays anyone?
Skooling state at a time...
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For those here for the ashtray thread - my bus has none (unfortunately).

For the others ->
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Originally Posted by voxecho

I suggest that you let go of your tree, take off your rose colored glasses, have a good thick cow steak, or spotted owl burger, turn off “Inconvenient truth” and get a clue.
yep yep, its all them damn liberals faults.. ruinin the generation of youngins, you's so smart voxecho. I wish everyone was as smart a republiken like you. yep yep.

fukin hippies.. drivin around in school busses across the country.. opps


Go further!

p.s. I had a thick cow steak today, but I wouldnt eat spotted owl cuz it tastes like you do, shite. Punk rock mutha fucker.. if you see an androgynnous bandana wearing punkass blasting bad religion driving a school bus at a whopping speed of 55, thats me. Say hello, maybe we'll drink a beer or smoke some dope.
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Almost There
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as for ashetrays, my 1986 international shortbus doesnt have an ashtray, but I never throw butts out the window. That kinda **** is unexcusable. I usually flick the cherry off, and throw the butt in a trashbag or an old tobacco can (I make my own cigarettes)
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