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Re: Before going to Cars Dot Gov

well,thats a good enough reason to keep that old chevy for me,hell ill keep them all! Besides,the new cars arent as good..........
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Re: Before going to Cars Dot Gov

Originally Posted by Smitty
They own 60%, which is majority interest, and it's obvious who's calling the shots. "Loans" don't come with stipulations other than repaying the loan & interest. Not the case here. Are you claiming there's been NO government involvement whatsoever with decisions made at GM (ask their ex-CEO)?

I take it you've never been loaned money by any of my relatives. No stipulations my ass!
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Re: Before going to Cars Dot Gov

Ok, here's my take.

No one should have been bailed out.

Bush started the bailouts.

Once it was started, it became unclear as to whether they should be continued. It's like sinking $$ into a bus only worth 5k; when you start you may not know what the total cost will be, but have a good idea it's too much. Now what if someone gives you the bus, and it's already had close to 10k worth of work put into it? Maybe it only needs 2-3k more to finish, maybe it'll end up closer to 5-6k. It's a tougher choice.

It royally sucks that the companies that were caught completely off-guard get bailouts, and those that actually planned for this don't. If I was a stockholder looking at all this play out, I'd want my company to play fast and loose with their money again. I mean in the good times they're rolling in the money. In the bad times the government will jump in and help them through it. I say let the weak companies fail. Not only will the strongest survive, but it'll be a good lesson to anyone thinking of pulling the same crap.

And cash for clunkers...doesn't matter if you're for or against a stimulus. Fact is, this is the way a stimulus should be done. Much better than any bailout. Instead of just handing over tons of cash to the car companies, they give the money to the consumers to actually buy the product. This is why the car companies were hurting, right? Cause no one was buying their crap? Well give people money to buy the cars, instead of just throwing money at them. Again, whether the program should exist or not isn't my point. The point is if you're going to give them money, this is the way to do it, in my opinion.
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