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Re: Carrying firearms in an RV

Originally Posted by Smitty
"if you don't can't bitch!!"......I disagree, George explains why

This is really scary for me! I never thought I'd agree with you, Smitty, on anything political, but I don't vote (nor do I bitch) for the same reasons you and George laid out. . .
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Re: Carrying firearms in an RV

Originally Posted by Smitty
I don't "bitch" about specific politicians, I bitch about them ALL. If I have voted for McCain, and he was our current prez, I'd be bitching about him. How do I know that you ask? BECAUSE they're all on the same team, and the sooner you realize that, the sooner you'll see their agenda.Smitty
What he said. ^^
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Re: Carrying firearms in an RV

I'm with smitty are vote counts for s--t !!!!!!

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Re: Carrying firearms in an RV

I just realized this thread is titled "Carrying Firearms in an RV" so I don't know what everyone is worried about. Don't you guys all drive buses?
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Re: Carrying firearms in an RV

I might also add that it doesn't really apply to me anyway. I lost all of my firearms in a tragic boating happens frequently from what I hear and is a tragedy.
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Re: Carrying firearms in an RV

Ron Paul obviously got screwed. Looking back at the election cycle there is ample evidence that he was the most promising candidate in terms of what we need right now. He was also the only candidate that I felt was truly honest and could be trusted. Seeing the man get closed down by MSNBC and the rest really opened up my eyes to a lot of terrible possibilities. Now, things are even worse. Remember the great DHS idea to label Ron Paul supporters as potential terrorist...not to mention those who mentioned the constitution or are veterans. If people can't look beneath the surface of these acts and realize how wrong they actually are then what does it take?
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Re: Carrying firearms in an RV

Paul never had a chance...he wasn't my favorite candidate (that was Tom Tancredo), but a close second.

The only reason I still bother to vote is for bond issues & ballot questions...last year, EVERY local race (including US Senate) was unopposed.
Optimism is a mental disorder.
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Re: Carrying firearms in an RV

Originally Posted by lapeer20m
michigan does recognize and have reciprocity for cpl's (concealed pistol license) from all 50 states.

michigan does allow open carry of firearms however, A firearm inside or on a vehicle is considered concealed. Local ordinances regarding carrying,transporting of firearms are not allowed. This means you can open carry a pistol in any city/town/village in the state. Carrying a pistol in a holster is not considered brandishing. Then there is a BIG loophole for people that have a cpl they can open carry a pistol almost anyplace, including bars, sporting arena's, churches, etc, even though they cannot carry concealed in these places.

to carry a pistol in a vehicle, it has to be unloaded and in a case, or in a trunk or otherwise not accessible to the occupants of the vehicle. unless you have a cpl.
Been doing a little more digging on the subject. Also applied for my CPL, although the nice lady at the clerks office said i might have to wait 3 to 4 months for it to be approved...

anyhow, a slight correction to my earlier quote. A firearm ON a vehicle is not necessarily illegal. The law states that you cannot transport a pistol IN a vehicle. Although commonly referred to as such, transporting a pistol in your vehicle is not necessarily considered concealed, it is simply unlawful transport unless you have a cpl. The law clearly states that you cannot carry a pistol "concealed or otherwise" in a vehicle.....This distinction is important because it seems that if you got charged with carrying a concealed weapon, when you in fact were carrying it in plain view you might be able to beat the charges.

The law MAY also allow you to open carry on your motorcycle without a cpl. There is no case law on this topic, but the law says that it is unlawful to transport a pistol IN a vehicle without a cpl.

It is perfectly legal for michigan citizens to openly carry a firearm in a holster any public place in the state of michigan without any liscense or permit. However, you do have to follow private property rules, or risk being charged with trespassing.

Michigan also has one other really awesome law that is about to change on jan 1. Any firearm that measures less than 30 inches in length is considered a pistol and should be registered as such. After jan 1, the rule is 26 inches, but any pistols that are currently registered as such will be grandfathered in. What does this mean? I can carry my new mossberg 500 under the authority of my cpl. She can be locked and loaded inside my skoolie, or any other vehicle and readily accessible.

I am going to buy a few more of these before the first of the year as i think their value will increase significantly since there will be very few shotguns legally registered as a pistol. IT is against state and federal laws to possess a shotgun that is under 26" in length.

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes (who will watch the watchmen?)
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Re: Carrying firearms in an RV

Well my opion on all this gun talk is that its my right given by the men and women who have fought for our country, to carry a gun. I don't belive in having to have a permit to carry. My gun. I legally bought it. my right to carry it. There are #^$#%& 's in the world that don't care if you live or die. they don't care if they steal what you work hard for. They don't care if you don't want to be raped or if you don't want your children harmed. Being a firefighter and being around law enforcement most of my life, I have seen the harm people can do. I have also seen what happens when the tables or turned. I carry a weapon with me at ALL times, and I would not bat an eye to end the life of a person who wants to harm me or my family. " A dead bad man will never harm a live good man" As for law enforcement, I practice a no ask, don't tell rule. I HAVE been put into a position where I had to use my weapon. And no I was not in a "bad" place.
S#*T happens anywhere and anytime. And last, what good is a gun if you have to ask the bad man to wait while you load it. Just my opion.
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Re: Carrying firearms in an RV

Heres my 2 pennies on this gun thing.
I really dont care if someone has a firearm in their bus or not. Its none of MY business. And nobodys business if there is one in mine or not. However, I strongly discourage the "zombies" from attacking at MY campsite.
I do know that there are some crazy people in the world and choose to have potential protection. If the situation ever came up, I would like to have the potential to defend myself or my family instead of wishing I did.
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