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Re: defensive measures and bus security

I know, I know--its kind of off topic but you started it! HA! When I was in Jr Hi, I'd wash and wax a car for $4.50. My science teacher had a "58 Olds 88 coupe and she turned the keys over to me for the good deal. Knowing the wet tire trick you used I figured that using the garden hose for the source of water would allow me to see how fast an Olds would go sitting still. 80 MPH but then it crept foreward and ran over the hose---and took out 100 feet of redwood grape stake fence! I caught HELL for that one! Jack
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Re: defensive measures and bus security

Where do you guys live that you have so many problems with theft?

I rarely ever took the keys out of the ignition of my bus(s), and never actually had a way to secure the doors.

I always kept an aluminum tee ball bat near the driver for the purpose of thumping on the rear dual tires. Now i almost always carry a glock .40, and if i still had a bus i think i would mount a pistol grip mossberg 500 in the area above the drivers head utilizing one of the mounts typically used in a police car, (and only in Michigan, as Michigan has special "pistol" laws that consider any gun less than 30 inches in length to be a pistol, even if it is federally a shotgun or a rifle.) Firearms are not to be utilized to protect the bus or property, but only in the most dire circumstances where there is an immediate threat of great bodily harm or death.

I would not advocate fabricating some sort of booby trap device that would automatically harm a person as mentioned earlier in this thread.
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes (who will watch the watchmen?)
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Re: defensive measures and bus security

I think people were just blowing off steam.
I'm hungry!

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Bus Crazy
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Year: 1935
Coachwork: Superior
Chassis: Chevy
Engine: 317 ci/tid / Isuzu
Re: defensive measures and bus security

Thanks CC but I wasn't blowing off steam. Lapeer20m, I'm not sure what you were refering to but if it was my contribution I strongly disagree with you. Household ammonia and a horn are not life threatening --just agrivating enough to coax a thief to give up his attempt. We may just have to agree to disagree on this one.
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Re: defensive measures and bus security

Probably referring to the 120 volt wire........

If they don't mess with the bus they won't get shocked..........
Roll - On...
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Re: defensive measures and bus security

We have an old wireless security system that I took out of our last house. I hope it still works. If it doesn't I will most likely either get a new one (new one can dial out on a dedicated pay-as-you-go cellphone for when we aren't home) or go the really cheapo route and get some of those little battery operated door/window alarms from DollarTree. I would also print up security signs on my computer along the lines of "Protected by AC Mobile Security Systems"(A Cheap Mobile Security System) . Signs like "Protected by Smith & Wesson" simply means... "Wait until you see them leave and go steal their guns".

David used to sell Home Security Systems & got an industry magazine. Magazine said #1 deterrent is a sign stating you have a security system. #2 is a home security system that is turned on with loud alarms. #3 is a motion activated exterior lights. Thieves do not want attention focused on them. But the biggest thing to remember is that almost nothing, including guns & dogs, will prevent a determined thief.

In addition to the security system, we do not leave our curtains open at night to show everyone what stuff we have inside the bus. Our goal is to look poor enough that hopefully no one would think we got anything to steal.
This post is my opinion. It is not intended to influence anyone's judgment nor do I advocate anyone do what I propose.
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Re: defensive measures and bus security

I have cameras on my bus and when the alarm is tripped it calls me and I look via internet what is going on with my phone.

I have a friend in Law enforcement and they told me about some person that had gotten sick and-tired of their car being stolen.
So they did something about it.

My friend's as was told their people had gotten a caller about a man wildly moving around in a car and screaming.
They responded and what did they find?
A car thief had set off this guys "alarm".
They called for a supervisor and when they arrived he found allot of cops there laughing and crying so hard at the same time. He asked WTH is going on. He was told and he broke up also and when some one could called an ambulance for the car thief.. I can imagen what the Ambulance crew thought as well as the ER people when told of the injuries and how they were sustained.
What the car owner did was use a door locking actuator where they had soldiered a very very large rug needle to the end and installed it under the driver's seat with a pressure switch in the seat.
When the alarm went off the "system" would activate and every time the thief's butt would hit the car seat it would trigger and stick him in the butt
So everytime he came back down from the first stick he would hit he seat again and the situation would start all over..
I tired to find out about what I was told and couldn't; BUT it does give me some ideas..
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