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stock# 15270 - 1991 International/Thomas, 7.3 Diesel, auto, 66 pass 1 20.00%
stock# 15588 - 1991 Chev/Bluebird, 8.2, 5 speed, 66 pass 1 20.00%
stock# 15588 - 1991 Chev/Bluebird, 8.2, 5 speed, 66 pass 1 20.00%
stock# 15141 - 1991 International/Thomas, 7.3, 6 speed, 66 pass 2 40.00%
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i really didn't like the 7.3 liter in our ambulances...dont' even get me started on the 6.0 liter!!!! I think the 6 liter would be best suited as a boat anchor. We have 3 trucks that are 1 year old, and we can't keep any of them running. 1 of them is currently getting new injectors, head gaskets, and now they decided it needs new heads too. Did i mention i am not a fan of the 6 liter???
I have grown up as a ford truck fan, but the past few years ford has none nothing to impress me when it comes to the E350 chassis.
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Interestingly enough, I've heard the same from other ambulance drivers. They liked the 7.3 at first, but it became "tired" after just a year. They said the old 6.9 was never a powerhouse, but atleast it has been consistent and reliable. I'm yet to see a 6.0 powered ambulance in podunk Minnesota
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now i'm off topic.....

but i wish we had ambulances with the port fuel injected 460 gasser......i wonder how the V10 would compare??

My personal opinion is that pickup-truck diesels have just gotten too complicated to be reliable. Maybe just fords, idk. How can a company like international build the legendary dt466 and at the same time produce pieces of junk like the powerstroke motors?

I have heard nothin bad about the duramax (isuzu) 6.6 liter, and i've talked to several GM engeneers who have worked on or around that motor. The 5.9 cummins in phillsbus kicks the crap out of my skoolie in every way immaginable.

back to your original post....

anything with a straight 6 diesel would be my preference, with an emphasis on the DT series since they are cheap and easy to rebuild. I think that as an owner, a maual trans would be prefferred for the fuel economy and stump pulling torque. Its my estimation that automatics have higher resale value, although skoolies dont really have much value when it comes time to sell them. I wouldn't be afraid of either trans. The at545 is used in tons of buses, garbage trucks, dump trucks, ect and they seem to hold up just fine.
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Originally Posted by waywardfool
I'd kinda ignored them, as we don't have any in NC, and taylorbus (i'm looking at their website as they aren't far away (bus lot in Knoxville, TN) has them, but starting at 6500 and going up. My $5k limit isn't absolute, and I don't know how pricing does on them at other places (or how negotiable their prices are).

I see some of them in their inventory are 5.9 and others show as 5.9T, which I assume is turbo. Is yours turbo or NA?

A couple of other questions if you don't mind. What's your rear ratio? What is the interior height of the TC2000's, floor to center (high point) of ceiling?

Thanks for the response.
Sorry my internet connection has been down due to a lightning bolt & an extreemly slow cable repairman.

My TC2000 has 4.33 gears in it & although I've never measured the cealing height, I'd est. it to be 6' or so. I'm 5'10" and dont hit my head inside. My 5.9 cummins is Turbo & innercooled.

$6,500 sounds very high priced for a TC2000. I see them on ebay all the time for way less then that.

Good luck in your search.
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There are 2 completelky different 7.3 International diesels--IIRC, the ONLY part that interchanges is the crankshaft. The 7.3 IDI (a larger-bore version of the 6.9) ran from the mid-80's to 1994. It's an all-mechanical indirect-injection diesel, usually NOT turbocharged, ~170-185HP. A bit thin on power with a slushpump, EXTREMELY intolerant of neglect, glow plug system not the greatest (but easily bypassed). If the coolant additive isn't kept up, cavitation will eat the cylinder walls. Not at all a bad engine, as long as you don't overheat or neglect it. My friend uses a cutaway E-350 as a stuff-hauler, & the 7.3 IDI (no turbo) has over 240,000 miles & 22,400 hours on it. It's never been rebuilt, IP original, heads never off. Not a powerhouse, but absolutely stone-reliable.

The T444E replaced the 7.3 IDI, running from 1995 to 2003. It's a computerized, drive-by-wire engine, ALWAYS turbocharged, available with 170, 190, or 210HP. It still needs coolant additive (though not as sensitive to it as the IDI). Another good runner, & a 500,000+ miler with proper care. International has enough confidence in them to install (and warranty) them in 60,000+lb 10-wheeler beer trucks & trash haulers, and even in single-axle semi tractors. I've seen one (190HP, AT545 automatic) running over 320,000 miles & 26,000 hours in a 1997 IH 3400 bus. It still lit off immediately in sub-freezing weather & held plenty of oil pressure. There's a wrecker at work (2001 F-550 rollback) with 390,000 brutal miles on Ford's version (7.3 PowerStroke) and exactly one major repair in that time.

The 6.0 PSD is a total catastrophe, though I haven't heard of the VT365 being even one-tenth as bad.

The 5.9 Cummins (all turbos; late-1998's & up are 24V electronic ISB's, anything before that is a 12V 6BT.
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