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Re: How do YOU drive this thing?

yay! lol I'm glad it wasn't a worthless thread revival!
Blacksburg, VA
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Re: How do YOU drive this thing?

I too have not been on the road in a while; even then it was only a small trip. It included a gas station Grocery store then the Sam Boyd Stadium.
I had never though about cones, but I live close to Lake Mead. I am thinking of test driving around there.
The difficult part is mastering the spilt rear end/ shifting from high gears to low gears.

I have the mid 60's model Wayne full size C60 with an inline 292, and it does have a large front end with a 4 ft porch. Last time I drove this bus it was a rough ride. Could this be due to it sitting for a year? The engine ran great but the ride was bouncy. The lady I bought the bus from said that the tires can become squared after sitting
and need to be warmed up to round back out. Anyone have this issue? Also some dude at a show said the porch can cause that effect.
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Re: How do YOU drive this thing?

yea thats what those bias ply tires doo after sittin....the longer they sit the longer it takes to round them a 65 wayne eh? i have seen one here somewhere
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Re: How do YOU drive this thing?

Originally Posted by Big Rick
There are some large shiny things on the side of the bus....they're mirrors...and they're pretty much your #1 tool for keeping proper lane position and avoiding hitting things.
Before I drove my bus home I looked at the silly concave mirrors sticking out the front of my bus and pretty much decided they'd be gone soon. After all, I thought their main purpose was to see children in front of the bus. A few miles down the road I realized something..... I can see the lines on both side of me through those mirrors, and can do so while looking forward at the road. When I came to a narrow bridge with a semi coming the other way, instead of white knuckling it I had complete confidence of where I was in the road.

Not only will those mirrors be staying but they'll be put on any future bus I might own that doesn't come with them!

Pack up your bus and bug out to the hills!
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Re: How do YOU drive this thing?

Take a tape measure and measure the width of your bus. Then measure the width of the road from centerline to the edge. If you get run over in the process you shouldn't be driving a bus. You should find that there is plenty of room. Relax. Then respect those men and women that haul our kids to school and give them the right of way and utmost courtesy. And remember they are doing it with the added responsibility of other peoples children on board.
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Re: How do YOU drive this thing?

another thing.....

when driving down the mountains i like to follow a big truck from a safe distance. If the truck goes around a curve at 70 mph, then you probably can too. If a truck slows down to 35, you better do the same.
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes (who will watch the watchmen?)
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Re: How do YOU drive this thing?

Never thought about it like that...but it makes perfect sense!
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Re: How do YOU drive this thing?

Has anyone ever crossed that crazy bridge over tha columbia river gorge that is a toll? Talk about pure white knuckles. Like 8 inces on each side with a road made of steel grates that make you swerve constantly left and right. Twas terrifying to say the least at 40mph. That was until I passed a box truck with the same steering problems. Then I almost had to change. Not recommended.
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Re: How do YOU drive this thing?

Hi Rick and all,

It's been awhile since I've posted... there are good tips here. I'd like to get a set of the concave mirrors, but I need to salvage some--they're like 300 bucks from my dealer! Driving has been great, I'm a big fan of the big diesel: she's a trooper and has taken us up (slowly) and down (also slowly) some major grades on both interstates and little state highways. I've had one exciting moment with a blowout, and Good Sam is worth the investment... I still have one question with the features of my bus and how to use them. How do you use the sanders? I know how they turn on and what they do, but what's the technique? Do you turn them on when approaching a stop to enable an easier slip-free start in the snow? Or do you use them somewhat continuously if only for a short time on icy patches?

My one annoying accident (repeated with a traffic cone, which caused no damage) was when I was eyeing up my clearance in a campground with a tiny road with a hairpin turn. I had several inches of clearance by my mirrors, at least at window height. Here's the big news for all of you city slickers: trees, well, they get WIDER at the bottom. So the two inches I had to spare was enough to hang up the bottom of the bus but good. I think some under-chassis lighting would be good to enhance night vision near the rear and bottom of the bus. Now I have a 10-ton porta-puller to try to fix the 8-foot dent in the skirting. Dang.
1981 Bluebird All American
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Re: How do YOU drive this thing?

ok i havent posted much here but this post has brought up some things. I AM A SEMI DRIVER. that said, ive got a few things to say.

1: to get a drivers license you have to take a class to teach you how to drive a car. anything bigger than a car YOU SHOULD GET TRAINING. i see too many people that dont know the first thing about driving a "big rig" (any thing bigger than a full size truck) down the road jumping behind the wheel. if you never hauled a trailer, ask some one that has, to teach you how to do it safely. not that you are stupid but knowledge is power, and when lives are on the line dont skimp. JUST ASK AND YOU WILL RECIEVE.

2: even getting a class A CDL (highest class you can get) even for semi drivers, requires you to get an endorsement for air brakes. the term "stab brakeing" refers to:

Apply your brakes all the way.

Release brakes when wheels lock up.

As soon as the wheels start rolling, apply the brakes fully again.

this is only used in emergence. the best way to handle mountains is once you reach the posted speed limit (for semi's) is to apply the brakes till your 10mph below that speed, then release the brakes till you reach the posted speed limit and repeat. (dont be afraid to go below the posted speed.)

This includes things like "driving with your foot on the line" and putting the aluminum stick on the accelerator
Things like this i will not explain. they are not safe.

3: concave mirrors are usefull only when learning to center yourself in your lane. DO NOT USE TAPE OR OTHER AIDS TO CENTER YOURSELF. you need to be able to center yourself without the aid of mirrors or other aids. if you get used to looking at a piece of tape on the hood to tell you if your in your lane you will be looking more at the tape then the road (do you look for a reference point with your car) this will not help you.

4: if you bought your bus from a school THEY WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO DRIVE IT SAFELY. i dont care what you hear from your neighbor for 20 years. the school will let you ride with the driver for as long as you like ( within reason). they cant let you drive a bus but they will let you ride with a driver durning there shift and ask questions. THIS WILL HELP YOU

5: if you bought a large class A motorhome all of the rules above apply. it may cost you a few extra dollars to get the trainging you need (any dealer will do this for free even if you buy a popup camper if there a good dealer)
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