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How old are you? -Age of school bus converters

I am pretty young compared (I think) to most people who convert school buses. My dad converted two -one in his late twenties and the other when he was in his late thirties.
So I was curious as to the average age of other converters out there...
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I did my first when I was around 24 I think... but It was just a Van. The reason why I started was Coz of my dad tho. He always converted vans because they were easier to drive and travel in, but he always wanted a short bus... the Legend lives on!!
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my dad had an old gas blue bluebird and then a diesel somethign or other. both were over 30' but we lived in alaska and there a lot more room there than san fransisco bay area.

the first bus eventually was pulled to the junkyard on a chain -except it didnt have anything except the beams of the chassis. and my dad had his friend strattle the driveshaft at 30mph to steer it. but thats another story in itself.

the second bus was sold when my dad build our house in ak. I had so much fun in it that year that i had always wanted one of my own.
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I am 24 but have wanted to take the plunge since I was 6. Maybe things will change soon and I will be able to finally get one. When I was a kid I always wanted to convert a bus. I loved riding the bus to school and espically on field trips. When I was 7 I built my first RV, well if you can call it that. It was a refergerator box attached to some plywood and my wagon. I used a aluminum turkey rosting tray for the sink and a water jug with a built in dispenser.

I got seriously intrested in a real bus about 2 years ago when my wife and I went camping with some friends. We planned to just visit for the day but we had so much fun we ended up spending the night. As I was trying to fall asleep on the hard ground in a tiny tent I thought about how comfortable it would be to have a small utility trailer to use as a steel tent.

After looking at the prices of them I had an idea pop into my head. I thought for the hell of it I would look at the price of an old bus. I was plesently surprised at how little I could get one for.

I have been hooked ever since. I first discovered the nazi group on yahoo and then when this group was formed I was very happy to join. I have been looking at and researchingn different types, makes, and models of buses ever since. It seems like every types has its good and bad points.

I have decided on a skoolie because they are usually in better shape and much newer thn transits or coaches. Where else can you find a 12 year old bus with a 4 stroke diesel in it with 100.000 or less miles for $2000 or less?
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Huck Finn

Chronologically I'm 43 (44 this month), but about 12 at heart. I had always been more of a boat person, and have dreamed of rafting down the Mississippi since I read Huck Finn at age 9 or 10. Circumstances in my life (corporate downsizing, marital seperation) have allowed me to go back to school, and I couldn't find any place decent to live in that I could afford without having to have 18 or 19 year old roommates... I had found Michael and Millie's site, doing a google search for "homestead", and then I ended up on Arky's Yahoo! group (for about 2 months ), and then here...just dreaming... So...when I just happened to get a small lump sum of money I took the plunge.

Sure can't say I regret it!
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I celebrated the 4th anniversary of my 11th birthday last November (44), and this is my first bus conversion.

I had partially redone a gutted mini-motorhome before the walls closed in and I got The White Elephant at a bargain basement price.

Having my bus now, I don't know why it didn't occur to me in the first place when my life turned upside down and I had to find alternative living arrangements, especially since I have always liked busses from the first day I rode to school on one as a small child.
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Originally Posted by busone
When I was a kid I always wanted to convert a bus. I loved riding the bus to school and espically on field trips.
Same here, on the way to school every morning I would dream of how the layout would be & during school I would draw floor plans all the time. My friends would all help out and add things to the drawing, & tell me how crazy the idea was. I bought my bus last year when I was 22 from my old high school. My bus is very similar to the one I rode (same make/model/year ect..) the one I rode was junked a few years back - it would have been neat to have that one, but mine is very similar & some of my old freinds from school rode it.

Having the bus made house shopping last year a little tricky - I called the city to make sure it was within leagal limits of an RV, then I had to find a house with a large enough spot to park it. I got pritty lucky, I think I'm the only person in Wyoming Michigan (grand rapids) with a bus next to their garage. ... .sized.jpg
My Old Bus :(
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I know what you mean about cities and buses. When we look to buy a house someday that will be one of my top priorities.
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I've celebrated the 22nd anniversary of my 29th birthday this past spring (51, in other words).
I'll be converting a rig this winter, I've found one and am in negotiations for it. Fingers crossed!
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Well I am fourty eight and I always have liked working on things. It was about two years ago when the bus bug bit me. Well to date I have the out side done and I'm just starting on the inside. It fun when you get one of these things people think your nuts. It started out that I worked on it by myself then as I went along my freinds saw how much fun this was going to be and then I start getting help. When the bus hit the road they didn't want to be left behind. On August 13 of 2005 my daughter got married and she ask if the wedding party could take out the bus after the wedding.So there it sat out side of the church. You should have seen the people looking at it. You would have thought that it was the frist bus they ever saw. My mother that is now 73 years old was there and she drove a shool bus for years. She wanted to get in it a take it for a spin but she couldn't push in the clutch.... I am hooked........
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