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Re: I wanna be a free nomad

Originally Posted by gbstewart
And last, I keep fit by working hard for a living. I grew up without TV, running water, indoor shitter, ect. I never slept in in a bed, or had a pillow till I was 19, 4 years after leaving home. We grew a big 2 acre garden, and killed my meat from the forest to feed my 9 sisters, 1 brother, and 2 parents. Rather than watch TV or video games.

Up until I was into the 3rd grade I lived with my 2 parents, 4 sisters & 1 brother in a small house in Illinois ,all 6 of us kids slept upstairs with a honey bucket in the middle of the room for use at night & a 2 holer outhouse , water pipes & electric was added later & was outside the walls, that house caught fire in the middle of the night & we lost everything, we all would be died except my dad who worked graveyard shift if it wasn't for our German Shepard who was on the porched decided to force his way into the house & woke my mom, Then we built another home & had a 2.5 acre garden where we canned or froze everything, the basement was lined with Ball jars 20 deep & potato bins also, want breakfast go kill it, My wife & I 3 yrs a go ripped out all our grass & now our front & back yard is garden, if it don't feed us it don't get water & since we're here in California we have winter & summer crops & we save & replant seeds. We used to get together at my Uncles & Granddad farm all my cousins & siblings & we would spend the whole weekend butchering & prepping meat on top of what wild game we killed out the back door. LOL I remember one time in school the teacher had to step out of the class room & we kids were getting load & she came back in & said "You kids are running around like chickens with your heads cut off, do you know what that means?" my hand shot up & I preceded to explain the whole process to her, don't think that was the answer she was looking for. So in closing I'm sure there are a few of us who will be able to fall back on the way we were raised & not look to or rely on the Government top SAVE { ha ha} us.
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Re: I wanna be a free nomad

I grew up much the same way, even though it sounds like I'm a little younger than some of you. My grandparents had most of the raising of us grandkids, and they grew up in the Depression. They still lived much like they did growing up, only with a TV so Papa could yell at the evening news. We butchered, had big gardens, canned produce and fruit, cooked from scratch, went camping a lot. I bless that experience, because the result is that I'm one of the few in my generation who isn't a useless idiot fit only to program their iPod.

This bus is our way of checking out of modern life. It holds nothing for us; indeed, I believe it was never designed to be a game the common man could win. Like that old movie, the only way to win is to refuse to play.

Would you like to play a game, Professor? No. I think I'll just go remodel a bus.
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