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I'm not a yoga instructor so I can speak freely and say she might do well with some downloadable video (very small fee) of her leading someone through poses appropriate for a small space like an RV or office (since she'd be practicing in there anyway!) and you might benefit from something similar in sustainability realm. Passive income, yay! do it once and rake in the dough (ha ha) in perpetuity.

If she goes for this idea, have her buy a domain and get a webpage hosted. use wordpress (or other that allows profiting) as the WYSIWYG program so she can affiliate some GAIA products on her page for even more dinero. blogspot is or was not affiliate friendly. Oh, and have her set up a paypal acct so she can put a 'support me' paypal link on her page (yours too!) Also a great place for her to put some written words...we'd love to benefit from reading her excellent prose!

And a youtube account (she already has one, right?) where she can publish some free stuff to build interest.

good luck and have fun.

for those of us running a website for profit take a look at this article if you want to increase your views (**NOT MY WEBSITE**):
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After checking out the many other items found at these government auctions I figure while I'm on the road I can hit up the various auctions, buy stuff for next to nothing and then flip it on Craigslist in the same town while I'm there a day or so. Make gas/living money while tripping around. If you don't sell it by the time you're ready to leave list it in the next town yoy plan on stopping in.
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Once I hit the road and head to new Mexico, I plan on flipping 1 bus to get some extra cash. May turn into more depending on how it goes. I found a running $1800 shorty last time I was out there and I see $$ when I think back about it now. That Was in November though right before I got interested in skoolies . Probably helped get me more interested after seeing how affordable they were, lol
My build thread - Started 3.2.18
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Alot of people would pay to have someone check out a bus in person to know what they are getting, I would
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I have a friend that is a certified Yoga instructor, she didn't want to rent a studio, but still wanted to do some teaching without having to work for one of the big yoga studios. So she looked around for someplace that would let her rent a large room for an hour or two a couple times a week.

She found the local metropolitan district (Water, sewer) had a large meeting room that normally didn't have anything set up in it when it wasn't being used. I think she was paying $20-$25 an hour to use the room.

I'd check local churches, and government offices, they sometimes will rent out meeting rooms for not too much money. Then you put out some ads on nextdoor or craigslist and get a few students.

I will tell you that my friend was originally doing it for donations, but she found that it was too variable and sometimes she would only get a few students and barely cover the room rent. I think she went to a fixed fee system, but would sell punch cards for like 12 for the price of 10 or something.

She had a day job working IT for good money, but she enjoyed teaching yoga, and some spare cash is always nice, but it wasn't going to replace her IT salary unless she owned a studio and had a huge client base.
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