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May have found a keeper. You tell me....

Hey everyone,
Looking for advice from some of you veterans. I found a bichin old 58 GMC BUS - flat nose rear motor w\ a rebuilt Detroit 671 turbo\after cooler\. This motor has less then 1,000 miles on it since the rebuild. Has original Transmission ( Manual ) as far as the owner knows (second owner). He has all the original boolets that would have came with the bus new. Specs etc...

However, I somehow didn't get the milage of the bus itself. Thought it was in the ad but turns out it wasn't.

Went and saw the bus myself as it was within 20 mile of me. Took it for a short drive and it seemed strong. Smooth shifting. No smoke from the exhaust.
- Two roof mounted A\C units(working)
- Full master bedroom
- toilet & shower working
- generator - working
- solar. Bran new in the box never hooked up.
-Insulated cieling
- full kitchen.
All above is also older but cabinets are all real wood. No cheap fiber board.
- Awning in working condition

The bad \So Far.
- small leak in a window seal. I can see minor staining on the interior wall below this window.
- tires are old and need replacing. Its a dually so that would be 7 tires including the spare.
- all the rubber seals are original and need replacing in the next year or two.

He had this beauty up for , $15,000
- he has agreed to $9,000

I realize the tires are going to cost a pretty penny.

(Given the info provided\ your best assumption ) thx
I have lots of pics too. Can't load them just yet but can later. Or I can email as I also took a video to document how the engine sounds etc.

Any knowledge kickdowns from anyone with skoolie experience is always appreciated
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I love the oldies!
IDK, just my opinion, and just cause you asked...
A few things don't sound too kosher to me. The engine was rebuilt 1000 miles ago? A proper rebuild on one of these can cost more than the asking price of the bus. If it doesn't smoke or leak, then it sound like that is pretty good. Good motors when taken care of. But god awful expensive to fix and fuel.. How long has that window been leaking? Ready to pull the interior out?
If ALL the rubber seals need replacement it can get pretty expensive and/or time consuming to fix. Tires are gonna set you back a minimum of two grand.
If you're really into the classic stuff and want a hardcore restoration project and are capable financially and skill-wise then go for it.
I'd never bite off something like this bus without a huge budget.
But if you pull it off, it would be pretty cool.
It isn't a red one in FL, is it? There's been a 58' GMC for sale down here for quite a while but its crusty and the guy wants like ten grand.
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Hey thank for the input.
The motor- According to the current owner,he was able to trade labor to keep the rebuild cost down. Also, he said that once they pulled the original motor they discovered that it wasn't nearly as bad as they thought it was so the mechanic also got the original motor out of the deal. In all, the current owner said he spent about 9k on the drive Tran alone.

He's an older gentleman, and a really kind man. Not at all a hustler. He said my exitment about the bus reminded him of when he first got it and agreed to let me have it for 9k. ( my budget is 10k ) so I'm already a bit shy on the cost of the new tires.

I figured I would redo the rubber seals throughout over the course of the next year or so. One at a time.

Yes im ready to open some of the interior. Water damage is my specialty. I've been in the wtr damage restoration industry for the past 3 years.

The inside still looks really good. The outside doesn't show any rust other then a little surface rust near the leaking window seal.

Not a whole lot of budget left after tires. However, It won't be doing much traveling. Hoping to make it a second home. But would like to take some trips in it( just inside California/Vegas maybe/ take it to some concerts etc... No crazy cross country trips or anything.

No its not the one in Florida. This one is in cali

Does it sound like 9k is a reasonable amount???
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If its worth it to YOU, its "worth it".
I'd say he's asking the retail price on it. Not high, not low.
IF the engine was fully rebuilt, that makes it almost worth it right there... They're known to be leaky, thirsty, and can be a bear to start, from what I've been told.

$1800 should get you six new chinese truck tires mounted. For the amount of driving you'll do name brand is a total waste, imo.
Im getting new rubber next year. Saving up now!

How tall are you? Does the bus have plenty of headroom for you?
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Our site how to for posting pics.

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1958 gmc, detroit 671 turbo diesel, help me!

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