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must reads!

hello all, I was hoping to start a bus/travels reading list where we could offer a suggestion or two and perhaps a brief review. I'll start us off with a couple, please add!

the electric kool-aid acid test-- tom wolfe
while I personally find this book a bit abbrasive to read (the sporadic nature of it is a bit much for me) I think it is a crucial book in understanding "bus culture." maybe it is just because my bus was multi-colored, but people would often comment to me about this book.
katy's rating:

travels with charley, in search of america-- john steinbeck
"in september 1960, john steinbeck and his poodle, charley, embarked on a journey across america, a picaresque tale, this chronicle of their trip meanders through scenic backroads and speeds along anonymous superhighways, moving from small towns to growing cities to glorious wilderness oases." this is a wonderful book which captures life on the road and gives great (poetic) discriptions of many beautiful places (like the redwoods).
katy's rating:

the majic bus, an american odyssey-- douglas brinkley
this book tells the true story of a college professor who creates a moving classroom on a bus in the 1990s. the book gives great history, great quotes, and great stories about busing around america.
katy's rating:

don't let the pigeon drive the bus!-- mo willems
this is a picture book about a rebelious pigeon who drives a bus while the driver is out for lunch. cute pictures, and a wonderful quote for bus driving "watch out, pigeon at the wheel" (yelled many a time on my trip).
katy's rating:

please add! and discuss!
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hello all! I recently purchased a copy of "Rolling Homes, Handmade Houses on Wheels" by Jane Lidz. I had heard much of this book and found it to be a bit hard to find (as it is now out of print). It has wonderful full color pictures of bus and house truck conversions as well as specifications and costs (although these are costs from 1979). Not quite as many pictures as I was hoping for but definetly a book worth checking out! I say: !
p.s. has anyone read "some turtles have nice shells"? I haven't purchased that book yet and I was wondering if you all think it is any good. or any other bus books that you might recomend! thanks!
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I Love Rolling Homes (Beautiful pics) Lidz did a great job on her book.

I also have a copy of “Roll Your Own” , which is a pretty cool book on living in School Buses. It’s got that same feel & formatting that the Whole Earth Catalog & Old Mother Earth News use to have. (Black & White photos) Lot’s of ‘How-to’ stuff, mostly relating to inexpensive living in a rig. (Lots of ‘out of date’ stuff, but some of the info is still fine)

Both of those books are really nice …but ‘Some Turtles have Nice Shells’ is hands down, the BEST book on the subject of House Trucks & School Bus conversions ever written.
This is a GREAT Book !!!!
It’s not a “How To’ book …it’s more a huge collection of great pictures sort of book.
BUY THIS book, you won’t be disappointed.

Roger Beck ( He wrote the book ) is getting the stuff together to build a Trailer like I’m doing . He built a number of beautiful House Trucks and I’m dying to see his trailer.

Another 2 books that I like are…
’Free Wheeling Homes’ by David Pearson …it’s a tiny book focusing on a few Trailers , Buses and the like from around the world. (Nice little book)

And …
“Mobile…The Art of Portable Architecture” edited by Jennifer Siegal.
Small book full of projects done by Architects around the world . (Really good book !)

Michael & Millie
The Mobile Homestead
Are you questioning my Aaa-thoritttyy ?
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