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Neal’s is only about 3 miles from my house. I looked there when I was bus shopping a few years ago. I still stop by there when I'm driving by and see what they have. I bought my "new" drivers seat there too. Anyway...

I have a 91 bluebird and I found my axle ratio stamped on a tag inside the bus by the front door. There was the engine serial number, and a bunch of other useful info on the tag as well.

As for adjusting the governor, I didn’t do mine but I watched Jason do it. On mine all he had to do was unscrew a cover and turn the spring in a few turns, then adjust the idle. It's going to be different depending on what injection pump you have. Maybe post a pic of your injection pump and someone on here can tell you how to adjust the governor.

Here is a link to a post about adjusting the governor ... light=tach

Here is a post I started last summer when I was looking to add a tachometer to my bus ... highlight=

I never did it; I ended up using a rear end gear ratio calculator to get my RPM's at a given speed. Heres a good one.
My Old Bus :(
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I just bought the same bus as you except mine is a 1990. The 8.2 is a dog but I like it. I get 10MPG and can go 75 on the flats. When I hit a hill it is all over. We moved using the bus as a moving truck. Going up the 8000' passes in Wyoming was not fun. We did about 30 up most of them. Even fully loaded trucks were passing me. Though down hill I could do the speed limit.

We moved to Idaho near Twin Falls. For the most part it is flat so this bus works good for me. I really wish this bus had a turbo but the fuel mileage is so good without one.

After I get my leaky basement fixed the wife will let me work on the bus. I am going to convert it to WVO. The 8.2 is a great engine for a WVO conversion. It is just like the 2 strokes. It has no injectino pump so this engine runs very good on veggy oil.

A lot of gearheads hate this engien because it is just like the two stroke. You have to run the rack the same way and all. Most mechanics don't know how to work on them properly. A good 2 stroke mechanic should be able to do it though. My bus has almost 200,000 miles on it but the engine is a Jasper rebuild 13,000 miles ago.

Right now my only problem is a leaky power steering hose. I will be working on that one tomorrow.
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HI everyone!! I also just purchased my bus...yep, everyone laughs and I've gotten many of the same comments as you all. I am from southeast Louisiana. I am so excited about transforming my 1988 chevy/ward into a motorhome. I am so glad I found these site, you all will be a great deal of help. I will post a pic as soon as I can.
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