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Re: No Tomorrow

The SC that the one that had the old scenic cruiser in the back ground?'s a bus thing I guess(that's why I watched that episod
Our build La Tortuga
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Re: No Tomorrow

Originally Posted by Accordion
I don't have a television. I have not watched it in over 12 years. I do know about reality shows. If I had a still to make moonshine or whiskey, I surely would not tell the nation on television.

They have a reality show about that.
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Re: No Tomorrow

Accordian, Now that you mention it, I don't think I've watched TV for at least ten years either. I just went into the TV room and realized that wify and daughter have a "new" TV and I haven't a clue how to operate it!

I've been trying to think of a place to put a LCD TV in my tiny Skoolie--but maybe I don't even need one .

Somehow my whole life has sorta been a "reality show"--maybe that has something to do with it--who knows. But now that it looks like there actually will be a 2013 maybe I should rethink the whole thing. Jack
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Re: No Tomorrow

Originally Posted by lornaschinske
Originally Posted by Skunky Bus
... my roommate will be watching The History Channel's next version of Doomsday until I'm ready to scream.
I find the Doomsday shows fascinating. It's amazing how warped out of shape folks get over things they can't control. Yet they still live their lives based on "tomorrow" ("one day I will retire and follow my dream of...."). And they will not prepare for a natural disaster that will seriously impact their lives....
Living in Nebraska, I refresh my memory regularly about what to do in the event of a tornado. Weather Channel broadcasts about potential catastrophes are information we need, vs. Nostradamas shows...well the latter (to me) are just a distress trigger from which I gain no benefit. Nothing is wrong with having different tastes in TV (or even whether to watch TV) and I feel it's best for folks who disagree to work things out to not force themselves on each other. My roommate, on the other hand...well the details about that are best left for a psychology support group, except for the part about how to spell relief: s-k-o-o-l-i-e (or W-i-n-n-e-b-a-g-o).

Incidentally, my father's last visit to my home included a tornado warning...I got a chuckle out of my father when I said, "Your trip to Nebraska is now complete!" - as we sat in the basement next to the ferrets in their emergency-shelter cage looking around as if to say, "Hey, what is this place? Let us explore, pleeeease!"
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