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Ooops....first warning point at escapees lololololol

title says it all....I didn't even cuss, best part??? everyone on that thread probably got one also

this is what I posted and it is my opinion...if you don't like it...don't read it

Posted Today, 12:24 PM

Originally Posted by BARB
Barbaraok, on 03 Feb 2014 - 15:47, said:


Did you ever think that one of the reasons we don't see that many minorities in RVs is the attitude that they run into in RV parks across the country. The most racists people that we have come across were at Rainbow's End, from a couple that had one of the ERPU sites. How many times do you see people with the Confederate flag on their RV? Very offensive to most who have ancestors who were slaves in the south.

The confederate flag is only racist to ignorant people that don't realize the true meaning of the civil war and the slaves of those times,

The battle was about economics, not slavery, the north had manufacturing areas but they did not have fertile lands, cotton for clothes, fruit and such which grew in abundance down south, not to mention the largest gold deposits at the time before the discovery at Sutter's mill (VA and NC had the 1st gold rushes) do your studies before saying that racial remark

The confederate battle flag got a bad rap in the 50's and 60's by upset youth and men who had a bad taste in their mouth after WWII and Vietnam, lots of hot and sad times

read history books by black writer's and the stories and compassion between plantation owners and their workers is overall better than the acquisitions made by an individual (LINCOLN) to get votes, volunteers AND SUPPORT so they could "save the south"

Oops sorry for the rant (this is only my opinion and Barb I am in no way "calling" you racist)

So far in our limited travels in TN, NC, SC, GA, VA This is what we have found:

We have had wonderful times with drink and breaking bread with lots of different cultures and races...It could be because he have a converted skoolie....people are just friendly and curious, which leads to talking (also we are both friendly and always say hi)......


yup we have had 2 times that "our neighbors" have requested for us to be moved because it makes there coach look bad....yup that is Discrimination

One time the CG owner told them to ********* and set us beside them one space over (he then kept that space open all weekend so they could see us, he wasn't happy with them)

The other time we where told to pick a different spot, that was a whole different story and that person is a member of this site and does come on here (him and his wife feel real bad about it)

So we all need to smile and play nice, if you can't play nice...get your stuff together, unhook your ride...and let the wheels spin round and round
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Re: Ooops....first warning point at escapees lololololol

Eff them if they can't take a joke.
I'm hungry!

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Re: Ooops....first warning point at escapees lololololol

Bansil, I think you ought to go for the best two out of three--and ditto what CC said!
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Re: Ooops....first warning point at escapees lololololol

Originally Posted by crazycal
Eff them if they can't take a joke.

F em if they can't take the truth either! I keep an account on their board to scan it for tips. Leaned a few things but dont participate - too many snobs.
Proud new owners of a 1974 Crown Supercoach - the big rolling twinkie!

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