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Please read this and take time to ponder your response

Good morning,afternoon and evening ladies, gentlemen, and young ladies and young men, and everyone else on this site

Skoolies are like a box of chocolates, every one is different and depending on the price of the box, some are fancy and have glitter and creme fillings

We all have one thing in common; that one thing is this:

WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT and we have a common goal, that goal has one thing that we all can relate to...we love OUR skoolies

It DOESN'T (some would use the term shouldn't) matter what color you are, race, age, sex or political party,


There has been a lot of unrest on the prairie as of late, seems like a lot of personal attacks, due to differences in:

religion (I am guilty of this and apologized to the individual), economic standards I have a very low budget bus, compared to some,
having ceramic tiles vs used shag carpet...doesn't matter if you spend
10k on paint awesome...not my cup of don't make fun and
say it was a waste of time, it is their skoolie, you have yours

another issue has to do with PRIDE/FEELINGS/EMOTIONS whatever, remember we are all talking through a keyboard and there is no facial expression etc...before responding to something; think about it and see if it fits into "it's their belief, idea and opinion" we all have those and if you don't respect other peoples rights or opinions then why are you on a public forumn being a "perceived" a$$hole???

If your only reason to post in a threads is to troll, poke the bear or just call someone out on how they did something on their Skoolie...don't waste everyone's time...

If you see something wrong, encourage them to try something else, DO NOT make it sound like everything they did is wrong and the ONLY way to do it is YOUR way!!!!!!!!

And then have 500 people beotching about it, try this

say "how about this way" and then offer links or other avenues for them to research the possible error in their ways

I think everyone needs to CHILL OUT, this bickering back and forth the last 6 months IS NOT GOOD for this site or the thousands of people that visit here to see if having a SKOOLIE could also be there dream

I have been part of this and so have other long term members, there are also brand new members that have not gotten to know older members and their quirks, so they have attacked members because something was taken out of context, to me I "know" alot of the members and Who, What, why When and I have overlooked some stuff because I was "used" to it and it didn't offend me...sadly I couldn't see that just because it didn't offend DID offend others and that was not right, I see this now

I know this was long and I wrote this with out site staff knowledge....and this is MY opinion...PLEASE Skoolie-its...let's take a breathe and relax, so we can settle back into a nice educational and entertaining site...

and no grammar police
Our build La Tortuga
Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.
George S. Patton
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Well written.

I just want to say I mean well in all ways.

I only want to help with experience and knowledge.

Everything I post is just my opinion. ( IMO)

I understand we all must take short cuts, use inferior methods, inferior materials. After all, I live in what most people would call a $hit hole. However, living in a shed is just what I had to do.

Please folks, stick around. I enjoy a bit of diversity in our fellow members.

"Don't argue with stupid people. They will just drag you down to their level, and beat you up with experience."

Patently waiting for the apocalypses to level the playing field in this physiological game of life commonly known as Civilization
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I came here to read, and talk, about skoolies. There are a million other places on the Internet where I can get into religious fights if I really want one.

I Promise To Do My Duty To My Keyboard And To This Forum, To Talk Only About Skoolies And That The Cat 3208 Is Crap, And Hold My Tongue About Everything Else.
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Can I add one more thing? Nothing on this site -for the benefit of you or anyone else-has anything to do with any Constitutional rights nor should it turn into an argument about such. Even though there is an "everything else" section of the forum, it does not mean its a good place to be a political platform. "You don't have to read it" as I've been told-well guess what-you don't have to write it either. At least not here.
Don't make a fuss-just get on the bus!

my bus build
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I tend to come off a bit preachy sometimes.

I also tend to come off a bit know-it-all sometimes.

In my defense I am a big person who tends to be loud and obnoxious in person. Sometimes the loud and obnoxious will come across the keyboard.

I do not try to offend on purpose. It usually comes as a by product of my personality.

The opinions I share are a result of forty years in the bus business. I have driven just about every type, brand, and size of bus that is yellow with black stripes. I had my own bus company for seven years running all sixes of buses from light duty buses on E-350 cut-away chassis to three axle motorcoaches. I now work for a company that sells buses of every size, shape, color, and purpose. In short, when it comes to the operation of a bus I have BTDT.

But when it comes to projects like roof raises, insulation, plumbing and electrical, and finish work I try to not comment on the how-to's because those skills and experiences are not in my area of expertise. I like to read about them and ask questions on the off chance I might actually do a conversion some day.

Good luck and happy trails to all of you!
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I typed out a lengthy response and its vanished...
Well said, Doug. You're a hell of a guy.
Taskswap and sdwarf- I totally agree.
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If there was only one way to build a bus...there would be no Skoolie Forum!

There is some amazing talent here as well as a boatload of experience. And those both come attached to "personalities". That's just how the world works. Me...I am happy to learn something new from just about anyone, regardless of their "charm factor" or seniority. Very often it takes a newcomer who "doesn't know any better" to come up with new ideas, so Ive learned to listen to anyone...consider their thoughts...then try to do what makes the most sense for me in my situation.

I do agree that we should all remember why we are here and keep it respectful. We all have more in common here than we have differences.

Thanks Basil!
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That right there is funny, taskswap.

Thanks bansil for the thoughtful comments. It's good for all of to kind of re-center from time to time on what we're really coming here for.
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Originally Posted by EastCoastCB View Post
I typed out a lengthy response and its vanished...
Well said, Doug. You're a hell of a guy.
Taskswap and sdwarf- I totally agree.
Wait, Doug is a hell of a guy but sdwarf and I are just agreeable? WTH? It's ON!
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Great article Bansil....needed to be said.

My problem is, and I didn't see it referenced in your article is that I frequently post things like:

Allright Dragonpop. quit hitting on the new girl, this is not
(in response to Pop welcoming the poor girl)

It's all in jest & little one liners like that just comes out of me whenever the urge strikes me. It's just a joke (or I thought it funny when I wrote it) But Dragonpop took me serious and I feel I offended him. We kissed & made up but my question is and I am honestly not trying to stir up trouble here I'm just curious as to how should we be handling humor? Should we preface it by specifically announcing that I am joking or should this too be squelched?

Thanks, Sharlene (aka Booger1k)
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