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Re: Say tomorrow you received.....

Safety and maintenance first, since my bus still has its original rubber on it.....19 years old! all new tires, replace the rest of the old rubber brake lines that I havent done yet.
Then an all new exhaust system, mine has holes and missing clamps in a few spots.
complete steam undercarriage wash and coating.
I'd like to get the roof raise done and rip off all the rub rails and outer skin up to the roof and reskin with one single piece of new smooth skin. new professional paint.
of course satelite TV, LCD tv's kickin sound system........
lots of stainless and chrome!
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Re: Say tomorrow you received.....

I agree. With $10,000 I think I'd be starting fresh and making something really nice with it.
Skooling state at a time...
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Re: Say tomorrow you received.....

why could'nt I have a hooker...err I mean, a concubine with an AR-10, strictly for the bus. Business and pleasure.

Or...... Sat. TV/internet, killer drivers seat,aluminum rims, radical body mods and paint.
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Re: Say tomorrow you received.....

First I think I would look into a new rear axle that will take my bus past the 45 mph barrier.
I would replace ALL of my brake lines and replace the rubber brake lines with steel braided and coated lines.
A good coating for the roof. Since I am spending Smittys money here I think I would have the white Rhino Lining applied. (about $2500)
And take it somewhere and have a real nice professional paint job done.
New tires and maybe rims?

Thanks Smitty! Whens the check coming??
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Re: Say tomorrow you received.....

Well lets see, how about a cool 60's style paint. Hydraulic's all around. A blown hemi. Wet bar with all the peanuts I can eat. A disco ball. A ps3 with a 60 in flat screen. O and can a personal driver be a hooker??? Dang I think I'm broke now!!!
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Re: Say tomorrow you received.....

Originally Posted by firemanbud343
...O and can a personal driver be a hooker???...
I'm not sure, but doesnt that change her status from Driver/Hooker/etc... to wife? One of my friends, while he was married, had a wife who would drive him up the walls and make him pay dearly for any "Relations" they had...
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Re: Say tomorrow you received.....

I'd take it in to a decent shop and tell them to fix everything that needs to be fixed. Wait...only $10k? Ok, I'd get it aligned, two new front tires, make sure they're balanced (having some weird wear on the very outside, doesn't appear to be related to alignment but who knows), and have the suspension on the passenger rear raised (it sits about an inch or more lower than the rest of the bus).

Go ahead and seal up the roof.

Wouldn't mind one of those satellite dishes that auto-tracks as you're going down the road. Might still have to bring the dish and tripod along, as it's easier to move that around at a site to find a good signal than it is to move the whole bus around.

Need more storage space. Our "wardrobe" (actually a cheap stacker thing that had two doors at the bottom, then two drawer units in the middle, and another two doors at top) completely fell apart on the drive back to TN, so I need one of those regardless.

Might need a new inverter/charger at some point, but the trip on the Dalton Highway seems to have jarred it back into working 100%. It works fine charging the battery (never did before), and didn't cut out during the entire trip back.

Now, if we were talking a new bus, then I'd do a lot of things differently. Bath instead of a shower, nicer couch, maybe even slides. Who knows? But mine's already converted, and I don't really feel like ripping out all that hard work just to make a few changes. I'd rather just start over.
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Re: Say tomorrow you received.....

I don't own a bus yet, but I'll get there on my own and will be able to do most of what I want, however; the one area that is going to make me sick(if I really want it the way I want it) will be the off grid power segments of the bus. I would spend it all on solar, turbines, batteries and all the gizmos that go with them....and a hooker.
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Re: Say tomorrow you received.....

New Tires, a Honda Geni, Solar panels and if there is money left over a nice drivers seat (I'm talking high back air ride, go for around 900 Canadian)
Proud owner of a: 1996 Thomas Safe-T-Liner,Cummins 6CTA 8.3Lt diesel, Allison AT.
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Re: Say tomorrow you received.....

A swing out grill with sepearte side burners ... 00430-9490 ... 02367-2518

a 12kw diesel Onan generator(used of course) Already have 5.5 gas marqui w/3hrs. (not big enough) ... =257&3=324

the roof deck with plastic boat dock flooring

a train steam whistle run on air. 3 chime six inch

4 flat screens....3 19" and one 52" with sound to accomodate all four run together or seperate utilizing a server that accomodates XM, ipods, Direct TV, xbox, and any other auxillary input.

A kick ass paint job, inside and out, to include invisible Wildfire blacklight paint with interior black lights strategically located(ie. mood lighting) ... Cc=PNT&Bc=

125 gallon holding tank capacity

Huge inverter

A red, white, and blue main sail for shade

A female driver/waitress/entertainer/baby sitter

Have I gone over 10 grand yet????
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