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This appears to be a relatively good source of WalMart parking info:

RV Parking at Walmart – Walmart Locator
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How about 24hr fitness centers.? not sure of a good color for that but has any one have any experiance with these buisnesses or similar.?
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Bus Crazy
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Suggestions for free overnight parking:

Walmart. Some are cool with it, others not so much. Some (locally) don't even bother with "no overnight parking" signs; I think this is a local ordinance issue and if the city isn't strict on enforcing it, the store isn't either.
Home Depot. OK, so I have no experience with them myself, but I'd give it a try. Never hurts to ask. Probably same deal on the local ordinances.
Truck stops. Some have paid parking but will waive the charge with a fill up - sometimes a minimum amount of gallons. Many (especially in less densely populated areas) don't bother with paid parking. *TIP* Don't back all the way in a parking space, back far enough so a passing trucker can see the front of your bus (they will see the spot is occupied and not attempt to back into it). And I agree, RV'ers should not extend their slideouts to use more than one spot; truckers have a severe shortage of truck stop parking as it is without some Jacka$$ using an adjacent spot with their slideouts (I understand Walmart policy frowns on this too).
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I like the "church bus" idea, I actually considered that myself because, who is gonna mess with a church group?

I never really wanted to draw any attention to myself, as I am a stealth camper when in town, WalMarts, Home Depot, or anyone else I do business with that has a decent parking lot.

My biggest advice is tinted windows - Home depot has some cheap blackout tint (just over $100 for all my winders) and limit what people can see inside the rig without looking like you are hiding - I got a few knocks when I had Reflectix in the windows, but not since tinting and black curtains (just looks dark instead of curtains.)
My 3 Year Adventure
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how hard is it to tint school bus windows?
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We've been 14,000 miles all over the country with our bus and usually stay in truck stops, rest areas, and Walmart parking lots when we're not boondocking. Never once have had a problem. If you go to a Pilot, Flying J, or Love's you're also allowed to park overnight in their regular front parking lot. Often they have actual RV spaces up front. Keep in mind we also have a goat that lives in the back of our bus and is clearly visible. And two dogs and three cats. No one has ever given us grief, even when we park in the back truck lot with the generator running. Most of the time the truckers are admiring the bus rather than being grumpy about us taking up a space. We also have Reflectix cut out for each of our windows that we hang in place with a piece of tape when we need it. It works great for times when you'd rather not have someone peeking inside. One 25'x4' roll was sufficient for all the windows.
My build thread:
A gal, a guy, three cats, two dogs, one rabbit, and one goat, traveling the country together.
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Bus Crazy
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I actually laughed out loud at the title....

You could paint these things Camo and they still stand out!
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I talked with a Walmart manager once when we were traveling & wanted to stay in their lot, what he told me was if it's a stand alone Walmart with their own lot then they allow overnite parking if the lot is shared with other businesses then it's generally not allowed.
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We stopped at a Walmart in Grand Junction Colorado a couple of years ago and there were "No overnight parking" signs all over the parking lot. However there were RVs parked in the usual spots at the edge of the parking lot. We went in asked the manager if it was all right to park for the night and she said sure no problem. She added that the city made them post the signs but the city never sends anyone to check for overnighters and never kicked anyone out. So we stayed for the night and it actually worked out well for us.
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