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Bus Crazy
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Toad questions...

I've got a chance to buy a toad at a good deal...

2005 navy blue VW Beetle, 69,000 miles.

Would this be a good candidate to tow dolly behind my bus? (Gotta buy dolly)

Or should I just stay with 2x4 suburban and drop the driveshaft rear u-joint and tow 4 down? (Gotta install front row bar)

Very familiar with u-joints & driveshafts
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You might consider a Cherokee XJ. Most have the 242 transfer case, which you can put in neutral (w/ trans in park) and tow 4 down. AND...they're relatively cheap and pretty good cars.
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tough call, imo

i had a vw golf for 20 yrs and it was pretty indestructible. i thnk vw's are great cars. the drawback is the tow dolly. flat towing would more desirable , but also setting a car up to flat tow is more expensive than buying a tow dolly.

if you like the toad, the car + dolly is probably the cheapest way to go.
Turfmobile Build Thread
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Almost There
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Yeah, I think its really a matter of what you feel like towing. . .

The suburban isn't small.
The beetle and tow dolly are small(ish).

Would you want to install a braking system on the Suburban? I know the bus is big, but that's still a lot of weight pushing on the back when you hit the brakes.
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Why a dolly?
Flat towing is a pain.
A dolly is worse.
If you are at all handy with a welder a tow bar and mounts are fairly easy to build.
A manual transmission VW will tow four down.
I wouldn't consider a vehicle that won't flat tow for a toad.
Just my opinion.
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I agree with Alan N, it you tow with a dolly you also have to deal with the dolly when you get there. Any place I have camped there wasn't room for a dolly at the campsite so it would have to be taken somewhere else. And you still can't back up.
I towed a VW rabbit for a while, now my Land Rover. Pretty simple, unhook electrical cord, unhook towbar and good to go.
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Correct me if I'm wrong, almost every state requires a toad to have it's own braking system & every tow dolly I've ever used has surge brakes so if you use a dolly doesn't that count for supplemental brake system instead of having to install a system on the towed vehicle??
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I've rented and used many tow dollies over the years and have never had one with brakes. I never gave it a thought--probably should have. Even if a dolly had its own brake system I want the toad to have its own system just in case it were to become free of the dolly.

Even though it is a nuisance to deal with I equipped my toad with a brake buddy and always hook it up. Used brake systems can be had often for less than $500 and I'd consider that money well spent.

The following website provides toad brake requirements for all of North America--almost all states require them: Towing Laws | BrakeBuddy - Braking systems for motorhomes towing a vehicle

The Brake Buddy info is somewhat dated but you can bet the laws haven't become less stringent.

Hope this helps. Jack
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I see a lot of people pulling Smart-Cars behind their RV's.. they flat tow very easily as the "automatic" in them is simply a manual transaxle automated, so putting it in neutral and towing it doesnt cause any transaxle damage..

thats the 2015 and older ones.. the new 16 and 17 have regular automatics..

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In the process of putting a smart car in the back of my bus, it just barely fits in my storage area.
I'll post some pics soon of it inside
Nowhere Fast - Sarasota, Florida
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