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Don't the USA have Coffee shops with wifi like here in Canada?

I'm currently using Tim Horton's. Good Coffee too.

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Originally Posted by nat_ster View Post
Don't the USA have Coffee shops with wifi like here in Canada?

I'm currently using Tim Horton's. Good Coffee too.

On the road, that's actually not a bad way to go. In the states every town has a McDonald's with free wifi right off of the highway. That's what we usually do to find directions to places of interest and check email, weather, maps, etc. I don't much care for their food, but the coffee isn't bad and the free wifi keeps me coming back for a cup.

This trip, since we are planning on being away longer and I'm still technically working, we opted to get a phone with unlimited talk+texting and a good chunk of data. On a similar note, the bus makes an awesome office
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We are using a Verizon hotspot for the $20 per month fee. I have a family account, so any data used by the hotspot on the bus will come from the general bucket of family data.

In my bus I set up an antenna that hooks to the hotspot so it gets really great signal strength even in fringe areas. I intend to use the Wi-Fi in parks and campgrounds if available so cut down on the use of my Verizon data bucket.

I also set it up so that the Verizon hotspot feeds to a Wi-Fi router than allows my TV's to get things like Pandora and Netflix using the hotspot's signal.
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I've been using a T-mobile HOTSPOT here at home for over a year now. They have various monthly prepaid plans. I currently get 7G's for $50.00 a month. It's a 4G system and works well. Depending on the weather here it sometimes drops to 3G and even 2G at times.

I bought the hotspot off of one of the shopping channels for around $80 and it came with 5G's to be used over 3 or 5 months (don't remember right now). They frequently have deals that basically will sell you a phone or hotspot for the price of the free service that comes with the deal so it's worth a try.

I just signed up for their autopay, which is they automatically renew me each month. With them, once you use up your monthly alotment....they cut down the speed of your service but you can still get service.

Last month I only used 5G's & paid for 7 and thought of dropping service down to the 5G for $40 a month but decided against it. Needless to say by the 15th of this month I had used up all 7G's but as mentioned I still have service only slower.

They seem to be a good company to work with and the reception here at home is doing pretty well (I live in rural Georgia at the end of a dirt road and there are no towers close by). I even have to tell 911 when I call on my cell phones to transfer me to Hall County as the closest tower is in Dawson County.

I have been using TRACFONES for our home phones for quite awhile too and the service seems better than any of the bigger services I 've tried thru the years.

Anywho......I'm hoping to continue using my T Mobile Hotspot when we get on the road.
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